Thinking of, and planning for, days yet to come ….

It’s around this time of year, as the days grow perceptibly longer, and the earliest signs of spring begin to appear in gardens and hedgerows all around our village, that I begin to think about, and plan for, the warmer days ahead.  Last year was all about looking after Ben as he grew increasingly slow and frail so we didn’t venture far afield, just some trips down to South Devon to visit old friends where we used to live.  But this year Daisy and I have decided we’re going to head off on some adventures together as I’d like to explore my own country a little more, rather than simply booking a flight and holidaying overseas.

We already have a cottage booked in a little village near Tenby in south Wales for a week, but I’d like to visit friends  across the country, and maybe, just maybe, we may venture as far north as Northumberland to see Hadrian’s Wall and Bamburgh Castle  (above) where we also have an invitation!  I’ve been studying maps and tourist guides in anticipation and so was particularly pleased to come across a post on the Spoonflower blog by US artist Robert Mahar ….

Robert had a vintage map of the US printed on Spoonflower canvas and in his post, “5 ways to personalise a map with embroidery,” shares some good ideas for creating an artwork that’s unique to you.  I’m definitely considering stitching something similar to record the travels I’m planning this year, though I will have to source a vintage map of the UK first!

That’s a project for the future though, and this week I’ve been busy working on the first two designs for the March issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  I was sent a sample hoop to review by the very lovely Auburn Hoops and, as Mother’s Day falls in March here in the UK, as well as Easter on 1 April, I decided to stitch a mother rabbit with her baby bunny …..

You can find out how I got on with this new style of hoop in the March edition, as well as learn more about the Auburn Hoops story.  The second project is a pennant that combines applique and hand embroidery on a felt background…..

And lyrics from the Beatles song.  Let’s hope the sun really does arrive soon – or if not yet – perhaps it will shine on my UK holidays this year.  Fingers (and paws) are all crossed!





you’ll have a wonderful time i Pembrokeshire, do go and visit Carew Castle not too far form Tenby. Its a magical place and perfect to picnic at the side of the lake.


I will, thanks for the recommendation Roo. You mentioned lake – Daisy will LOVE that! xx


That’s what Alex and I are going to do. We purchased a rail card and we are going to venture forth and visit lots of places. So far we have done Edinburgh, we plan on other places too, near and far, some places in a day some for a few days

Julie xxxxx


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