Hints & Tips: Getting Organised

A little while ago we asked you, our lovely readers, to share some of your top tips for sewing – and you certainly didn’t let us down! They range from wise and wonderful to weird and frankly wacky! But one thing they all have in common is that they are effective.

Here are some of our favourites to help you get organised…

The best storage that I have found for all my regularly used sewing bits (needles, presser feet, safety pins, marker pens etc) is a fishing tackle box. They are inexpensive, come in all sizes and configurations, the little compartments separate all the fiddly bits, they are easily portable and the deep section at the top can hold bigger items.

– Katherine Walsh

I glued some stiff foam into the top of a hinged eyeglass case for my pins and needles; then added small scissors, a bobbin of thread, thimble and other small sewing items. It is really handy. I get the eyeglass case from my optician when I get new glasses.

– Nancy

At the dollar store you can buy small bands for pony tails, these are excellent to put around the bobbins you’re storing for future use.

– Barbara

The plastic holders that you receive toys in from the gum ball machine make great thread holders for pearl cotton. Heat the tip of a nut pick to make a hole at the top of the clear section for the thread to slide through. Snack size zippy bags are perfect for holding floss. Keep a small pair of scissors with each project – saves time looking. Small pizza boxes (new) are perfect for storing projects. Compact and you can label then on the outside edge. No more rummaging through bags and totes.

– Angela Prince-Bex,

What are your top tips for keeping organised while sewing? Leave them in the comments below, we’d love to know!


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