Tips for Stitchers Tuesdays

If you follow our Instagram feed you’ll have seen our latest team member – yes young Master Freddie has become a regular attendee at Bustle & Sew HQ now Rosie has returned at the end of maternity leave.  She’s full of great new ideas – one of which was how we could share more Bustle & Sew goodies online.  If you’re a magazine subscriber then you’ll know that each month we include a “Tips for Stitchers” page containing a helpful hint for those of us who love to sew.  And .. as we’ve been publishing the magazine for quite a few years now, we’ve collected a lot of these helpful hints which until now have just been sitting here on my laptop.  So I jumped at Rosie’s suggestion to share these tips on a weekly basis over the next few weeks and months – hence the introduction of Tips for Stitchers Tuesdays!

Here’s the first one to start us off – and watch out for a new tip coming every Tuesday until Christmas!


Julie Caisey

That’s a great idea. are we allowed to donate tips too……..?

Julie xxxxxxx


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