Too much chocolate … and a peep at the April issue

Yesterday we had a lovely Easter egg hunt (it had to be inside due to the weather, but that didn’t spoil our fun!).  So much chocolate …..

chocolateThis is just Rosie’s haul!!  There would have been more, but sadly somebody (who shall remain nameless, but ahem(!) I think it might have been me) left the two chocolate Harry Hopalots in the sunny conservatory and by the time they were brought inside they had melted into shapeless lumps.  They still tasted good though, haha!!

That was yesterday however – and today I’ve been really busy finishing off the April issue of the magazine….Cover merged1000

We have a very spring-like cover – after all it is April now and hopefully once Storm Katie’s out of the way then we will finally have said farewell to winter.  And there’s so much packed between the covers – I think it could be one of our best issues ever …  

Just click on the image above for a peep inside – and if you’re a subscriber then watch out for it arriving in your in-box on Thursday – not long to wait now!  If you’d like to learn more and maybe subscribe then please do CLICK HERE to learn more.


Hi Helen,
Your colour scheme for your bedroom is lovely
Have you had a look at the fabrics from Lewis and Irene (a British company) who do similar colours but with mice, flowers and stags. They might be nice to incorporate into your pink floral fabric for your quilt! Hope you find something really nice.


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