We have a winner! And July magazine preview…

But before I announce the winner of my “Bloom & Grow” kit giveaway I’d like to thank everyone who entered for all their great comments and suggestions.  I’ll certainly be acting on them, and so am planning two kits in the autumn (just in time for Christmas stitching/gifting) – a softie and an embroidery – details to follow in the not too distant future.  Thank you also to everyone who left such kind comments about my Lovebirds Hoop for Rosie and Dan – I’d like to reply to you all individually, but I’m so sorry – time is running out on me with only 5 clear days left until THE BIG DAY.

And so, without futher ado – I am pleased to announce that the winner of my Bloom and Grow kit is comment number 131 – that’s Julie.  I’ve emailed you already and will send your kit as soon as I have your posting details.  And once again, thank you so much to everyone who entered.  Meanwhile I’ll leave you with a preview of the July magazine that’s out on Thursday – with two embroidery designs – including a new Rosie & Bear pattern.  I’m  beginning a new series of Rosie & Bear designs inspired by fairytales – and the Princess and the Pea will be the first in this new series.


If anyone has any suggestions for future fairytales featuring the naughty pair, then please do leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your ideas.  Red Riding Hood is a possibility I’m considering, and also Rapunzel – but I’m open to any suggestions, thank you xxx


The magazine preview is lovely! I’m very excited about the new Rosie and Bear fairytale designs, and although I’m not sure if it’s technically a fairytale, I think Alice (or should I say Rosie) in Wonderland would be fun!
Congratulations, Julie!
X Linda


Hi Helen, Thank you so much I was so pleased when I read your email I have just sent you my details. How you are finding time to finish the new magazine and organize your big day I don’t no, I am looking forward to reading it on Thursday.


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