What makes you happy?

For me it’s anything to do with fabric, thread and floss with perhaps a little toy stuffing and a few buttons added to the mix….. family and friends goes without saying … flowers, sunshine, the beach …… and two large black SLEEPY furry friends of course!

What makes you smile?  I’d love to know!!

If you like this image, you’ll find a hi-res printable version in the August Magazine.


Same as you! Fabric, thread and floss, or sometimes knitting needles and yarn and fairisle or aran knitting
Julie xxxx


Oh, so many things make me smile! But here are a few of my favorite things (to borrow a phrase), in no particular order…Health and happiness amongst all my family and friends…hugs from a grandchild…warm, breezy summer days…lightening bugs…puppies and kittens (well, all baby creatures really)…this blog…projects well done…finding the perfect fabric…pictures of Ben and Daisy…and discovering the latest “Bustle & Sew Magazine” within my ‘inbox’!
X Linda


Stitching makes me happy too! And my boyfriend and family of course! And… when I walk along the street and see a cute little furry dog!


Doing hand embroidery, learning history, reading books and snuggling my cats. 🙂


So many things make me happy – cuddles and kisses from grandchildren, daughters and hubby; crafting; friends and family; ‘talking’ to internet friends via blogs and forums; gardening and all the beautiful scents emanating from the garden; bird song; watching a baby squirrel trying to sneak hazel nuts from the tree lol. I greatly miss having fur babies and hope that will be remedy one day soon. x


Choosing my next project, playing with thread & fabric, a purring cat on a winters night , my garden , cooking something new.. Walking my dog on a nice day
Simple things really


I agree with all the things that make you smile, Helen, – right down to the two large black sleepy furry friends except ours are black German Shepherd sisters who are not quite so large as Ben and Miss Daisy. Also, I musn’t forget my two very old ponies and then we have a visiting ewe and her lamb who arrive through a little hole in the hedge from next door at breakfast-time and go home at tea-time, some pheasants that tap at the door for corn in the morning and the ever-squawking family of crows who sit on the kitchen window-sill and peer in. And, of course, last but not least, is Bustle and Sew every month! What is there not to smile about!

Sharon e Lawrence

Appreciating every thing I have , makes me happy. Taking time to stop and smell the rain , the flowers and love the sunshine in my garden.
The laughter from my grandchildren makes every day worthwhile.
Realising how lucky we are to wake up to peace & calm. The trouble in Gazza just breaks your heart.
Laughing with my brother , who lives in Oz and thinks 16 ‘C is cold.
He needs to come back to the Highlands


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