What’s in December’s Magazine?

Today has been a very grey day and Ben is bored.  We went for a very short walk this morning, and he was on a promise of a trip down to Lannacombe at low tide – 2.30 pm this afternoon.  But at 1.30 pm the heavens opened!  And since then it has rained and rained and rained.  It was dark at three and needless to say the trip to the beach was cancelled.  So Ben is bored.  And fed up.  This is not good as he will start to look for mischief to get into – and being Ben will probably find it!  Anyway … I digress.
I’ve been taking advantage of the grey rainy day to put together the December Issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine and it’s looking good – although I do say so myself.  It will be published next Thursday 24th November and will include the Angel Pigs, Rabbit Skittles and my newest Rosie & Bear design as the Bustle & Sew patterns.
Please excuse the poor quality of this photo as I only finished this project this morning and the light here has been dreadful.  I don’t know if you can make out Bear perched in the tree over Rosie’s head with a ball aimed at her to try to get her attention.  It is of course a journal cover – with the New Year just around the corner I thought it would be a very useful design.  I will be sure to take some better photos when the sun comes out!
But back to the magazine – don’t forget – the end of the month is a very good time to subscribe as you’ll receive two issues in quick succession.  Your subscription always starts with the current issue so new subscribers will receive the November issue immediately and December when it’s published next Thursday.  Plus of course the subscribers’ Christmas gift .. The Stitcher’s Companion – worth $20.  Just click here to learn more – and you can subscribe using the button in the sidebar on the right.
Finally … a bit thank you to everyone who has entered the Angel Pig kit giveaway – I’m overwhelmed by the number of entrants… but then they are very cute creatures!

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