When you know something’s just right!

As you know, I put together a lot of designs for Bustle & Sew each month.  Some are easier than others, some take a lot of tweaking and restitching, but sometimes there’s that wonderful moment when you instantly know something’s just right – and cannot possibly be improved upon – by myself anyway!  Yesterday I was sewing my new faux taxidermy piece – a unicorn head …..


I hand stitched the head in simple white wool-blend felt using my favourite technique of half cross stitch stitched over the edges in one direction, then returning the other way to finish the seam.  I chose a scrap of Tilda fabric for his horn, and while I was thinking Tilda I rummaged around and discovered a single skein of Tilda blonde doll’s hair – just enough for his mane.  I had thought about using a silver eyelash yarn, but this seemed as though it would be perfect.  I twirled a length of floss around his horn and pulled it fairly tightly to give a spiral effect.  Then two little black eyes and he was finished …..


And when I saw his cheerful friendly face l knew that he was just right and I do hope that you agree!  The pattern will be in the June issue of the Magazine which is published in two weeks’ time.  But now I’m off to sit in the garden with another June project for an hour or so …


My Midsummer Night’s Dream hoop.  This is the second in a collection inspired by some of my favourite authors and next month will bring a design inspired by a Mark Twain quote.  I’m playing with the idea of putting them all into a single publication and also including some chapters about why I love these books, how they make me feel, where and when I first read them and some of the memories they evoke – as well as all the stitching instructions of course.  Do you think this might appeal?  I’d love to hear your thoughts as it would be quite a major project for me.  But for now, the garden and a nice cup of tea while I stitch.  Hope this sunshine lasts a while!



Glenna Denman

The unicorn is just perfect. And I agree that your idea for a hoop collection with your writings about your choices would also be just perfect. I can envision you sitting in the garden with your tea, and the Newfies nearby, writing and sewing on it, and I look forward to seeing it when you finish.


Ahhh the unicorn is perfection! And love your idea! Of course love ALL your ideas!!


I just love your idea regarding a book of quote patterns! Yes! It appeals!Very much so!
Your unicorn is lovely and does indeed have a cheerful face. I love your choice of fabric as well!
XX Linda


Thank you Linda I’m so pleased you like my idea for a new book, and my little unicorn too! xxx


Thanks Linda, yes he will be in there, I’ll start writing up the pattern tomorrow, pleased you like my book idea too, I wasn’t sure if people would as I’ve never seen one like it xx.

Kathi C.

The unicorn is beautiful. I cannot wait for the June issue. I really like the look of your crossed stitched method. I think the embroidery book sounds lovely.


I’m curious to know if the pattern or the magazine is still able to be purchased as I’ve been really looking for a simple but well shaped head and this is perfect!


Hi Lauren, thanks so much for your kind comment – yes you can still purchase the Unicorn head either from the softies section of our store or the back issue of the magazine (June 2016 issue) xx


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