A birthday gift …. and a very busy week

The Birthday Gift … more later …
What a week it has been! The first issue of the Bustle and Sew Magazine was published yesterday and many subscribers have been kind enough to email to let me know how much they enjoyed it.  I loved putting it together too, and definitely think this is the way forward. 
The Magazine is hosted online which means I can include much more, and by making a small charge I cover costs (plus a little bit extra to  help top up my fabric stash!). Readers get a great bargain (this month they received four Bustle & Sew patterns and 2 vintage patterns all for less than the Etsy price of a single Bustle & Sew pattern).  (note: Anyone subscribing between now and 24 February (publication of March Issue) will start with this, the current issue.)
And I have a couple of great guest contributors lined up for the next two months.  In the March issue we have the very lovely Jo (Lacer’s Life) with her unique style (more to follow), and in the April issue we have the equally lovely Catherine of Bumpkin Bears with a brand new design for us plus a subscribers’ discount at her Etsy store (can hardly wait). 
Catherine’s currently having a poll over on her blog asking readers to help choose which one of her lovely pictures she should turn into an embroidery pattern next.  So now’s your chance to vote – I already have!!
Which leads me back to the birthday gift.  It’s Rosie’s birthday this weekend and we’re taking her out to lunch.  Her big present is already decided, but it’s always nice to have a little extra surprise (though if she reads this before Sunday it won’t be!!) and I embroidered Catherine’s first pattern onto a cushion for her.  Rosie adores hot chocolate and, like the rest of us, is not fond of Mondays, so the quote seemed very apt!
Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing – I shall be enjoying a well-earned rest!!


I loved the first issue, I certainly won't be running out of patterns to embroider!

I am currently buzzing (that's a clue)along with that tutorial, should be ready soonish.

Bumpkin Bears

Such a pretty cushion, what a delight to see my Bunny design and a great quote 🙂 Looking forward to being part of your magazine. Catherine x


Hi Catherine,

I subscribed and paid today, will I have to wait until March or will I be able to access this issue?

Sarah x


Hi, just to clarify, anyone who subscribes before 24 February will start with issue one. (current). Anyone who subscribes on or after 24 February will start with issue two. Your first issue will be sent to you within a few hours of subscribing. Hope this helps. Helen x



What a gorgeous birthday present. Rosie will absolutely love it.

Your magazine is totally awesome. I love the online interactive nature of it. So clever and a new site for me to explore!

I'm really looking forward to further editions and to trying some of the patterns.

Enjoy your well earned rest!

Amanda x

Charlotte, Cottontails

Hi I've just found you through a re-tweet by Catherine (Bumpkin Bears) – oh the amazing world of social networking. I've just started learning to sew, and I love rabbits so your twitter logo caught my eye 🙂
Lovely to meet you

Jenny at Red House

hi how exciting to launch your own online magazine I hope it is really successful for you!jennyx


Glad you're having such sucess with your online magazine…..well deserved, and if I wasn't having to be so thrifty at the moment I would have loved to subscribe…….

By the way I've been have some problems with someone who reads my blog and I've had to change my url address.

Hope you still visit.
florrie x


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