A Quick Question …. would you like pre-printed panels?

I have been wondering … Recently I’ve been enjoying stitching on different coloured backgrounds … like the deep chocolatey brown of this autumn design for the September Magazine ….


As well as dipping a toe into the adult colouring craze – not with pencil and paper – but enjoying creating designs with swirly zentanglesque (is there such a word I wonder?) flowing lines, like the little fox in the current (August) Magazine ….


And now I’m beginning another of my literary-inspired hoops along the same sort of lines ….


(No prizes for guessing which book inspired this one!  It’ll be in either the October or November Magazine).  But I digress….  I have begun to offer kits for these kinds of patterns – the first being the Festival Mandala – kits to stitch this design are now available in-store


And I was wondering – would anybody be interested if I started to offer pre-printed fabric panels as an alternative to purchasing a whole kit?  These could be very reasonably priced and easy to post anywhere in the world.  It would also save a lot of tedious tracing (all those swirls – which need to be completely accurate) – which isn’t at all easy, if indeed possible, on dark fabric and/or the need to mess around with Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy. I could even print the designs in the stitching colours to make the pattern really easy to follow.

If you think you might be interested it would be great if you could let me know, either by leaving a comment below or emailing me – and if there’s enough demand I will get to work on them.

Thanks so much!



Sue Barrick

I would love that as I find getting the pattern onto the fabric impossible.
Sue x


I would! I think your designs would be brilliant and soooooo original! I say give a go! ????

Judy Magner

That would be fantastic! Especially since drawing the pattern is my least favorite part of embroidery. Plus, I have so much embroidery thread at home I need to use.


What a great idea…for a while now I have been admiring your work but find it very daunting…perhaps this way I’ll go for it….


Hi Ines – thanks for letting me know – sorry you find it daunting – is there any way I can help? xx


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