A Splash of Colour!

Eerrgghhhh … what a horrible grey day it is down here in Devon.  I woke in the night to the sound of the rain drumming on the skylight and then in the morning to it lashing against the window panes while Ben snored gently below on his snuggly warm bed in the hallway.  Later the downpour paused for a moment and we headed down to Beesands for swimming – well, suffice it to say that the heavens opened again, and when we returned home I was soaked through and might as well have been splashing around in the Ley with Ben! 
So it was nice to finish my latest pattern with a splash of scarlet – a design of field poppies entwined on a black background.  I’ve been wanting a smart scarf to brighten up my new winter coat for a while – but haven’t been able to find what I wanted at a price I could afford.  So I made one instead!!  It’s black wool flannel, lined with some Liberty silk that I acquired some time ago when helping to clear a house for a friend.
I’ve listed the pattern at my usual price of $3.50 on Bustle & Sew and also in my Etsy Shop.  A scarf is a bit of a departure for me as usually I steer well away from clothes – all that shaping and darts – but even I can manage to join a couple of rectangles.  And I think I will look super-smart when we go away in December – yes – I have a special birthday coming up just before Christmas and we’re off on a very exciting city break!  (small squeak of excitement).  Will reveal more nearer the time.


this is so lovely…just the perfect piece to cozy up with on a chilly morning walk. i do love poppies!!


It's beautiful. All of the colors together, the design, everything about it is lovely!


Love the scarf, such a lovely contrast, red poppies against a dark background….beautiful.
florrie x

Scottish Nanna

Hi Ellie Just found your blog I love the scarf it is very pretty I will be looking in again.
Hugs Mary.


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