Advent Calendar – Design decision!

For the needlewoman Christmas comes early, which is why the October issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine will contain all my new Christmas designs.  I’m still working on my “Night before Christmas” Advent Calendar – all the little pockets are stitched into place, each with a little pinch pleat to make a lovely pocket-y sort of shape, and the Santa and his reindeer embroidery is complete.  Now I need to add the embroidery panel to the calendar background.  So I laid everything out on the workroom floor to see what it looked like.

Yes … it looked just as I envisaged – but somehow a little plain.  Some sort of trim was required.  So I had a rummage in my workroom and emerged with two alternatives – some thrifted cotton lace and red ric-rac braid.  First I tried the ric-rac …

Hmmm … OK …. I guess … but – no … not quite right.
Tucked the lace underneath.  (it’s a bit wide, but never mind, I can hide the excess – when you’re thrifting you can’t be too picky).  But still not happy with the look – now it’s a bit fussy – so I took the ric-rac away…
Yes – I think this looks  just about right.  What do you think? 
And just for fun I’ve put a little poll at the top of this blog – not about lace and ric-rac, but about Advent Calendar pockets.  I’ve seen calendars with both 24 and 25 pockets/doors/windows, and my “Night Before Christmas” calendar does have 25 (though it could be altered by the maker of course.) 
I am inclined to stick to 24 when I make up my second design featuring the Nativity, but am wondering what others think ….. please cast your vote at the top of the blog to let me know. (Closes Saturday).


Jenny of Elefantz

OOOO, I love this design, Helen! Can I say I think the ric rac & lace together is so me. 😉
You're such a clever gal!


Oh, this is so sweet. I like the rick rack and lace even though you are not asking for opinions. lol
I made a cross stitch calendar for my kids when they were little. It has bags that tie onto the background. The kids looked forward to opening a bag every morning before Christmas.


I love it…and I cannot wait to see the are going to get me to subscribe yet. 🙂


I can not wait for the next issue of the magazine! Yaaaaay! Christmas!

The advent calendar is looking fabulous! I love your Santa and sleigh with reindeer at the top.

I feel like a small girl staring at a giant box under the tree and not being able to open it yet! Very excited!


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