After the rain ….

Well I wish it was AFTER the rain!  Today we have had one of those very special English West Country days.  We have had light rain, heavy rain, drizzle, mizzle and mist!  So perhaps it’s a good sort of day to show you my first project for the May issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine ……

Although as I carefully brushed off the newfie hair before photographing my project I was tempted to rework it with the caption “there will always be dog hair on my embroidery!”  I don’t know how it happens but there is always a sprinkling of black fluff on all my work, though I’m very careful to keep Ben & Daisy away from my sewing and they’re never allowed in my workroom.  Does anyone else have this problem?  And if so, what do you find to be the most effective method of hair removal?  I’d love to hear from other similarly afflicted pet-loving stitchers!  

But never mind … it might be grey and rainy outside, but there’s a lovely sunshine-y feeling indoors as the wedding napkin project is progressing well ….

I’m so loving my overlocker (serger)!  And in a burst of ambition I’ve added confetti bags to my list of wedding creations – lots of overlocking going on here too.  This batch of little bags (measuring just 4″ across) are waiting for their drawstrings …..

Less than three months to go now until I am officially grown up – becoming a mother-in-law.  Eeek!  



Kathleen Robertson

Gorgeous fabrics. I bought a second hand overlocker a few years ago but have to admit, it’s seldom used. I just don’t know what to do with it. LOL
I don’t let my cats in my workroom but their fur gets everywhere too. I find the best way to remove hair is to use sticky tape, works a treat. I do go through rolls of the stuff though. 🙂


Hi Kathleen – thanks for your hair removal tip – will give it a go! I do like my overlocker and think I’ll be using it loads as after the wedding I plan to pick up dressmaking again. xx


Love the new stitchery, (may try one and switch the dog color to one of my cairns)! What pretty bags, too!

As for pet hair, I’ve found no magic formula but to brush, sticky roll, pick and pluck. I often tell people I love my pets so much I just take a bit of them with me wherever I go and figure a bit of dog hair woven into my projects adds an organic element with special character…yep, that’s it, an organic, natural element…uh,huh.


Love it – don’t tell Rosie, but when I was pasting her new wallpaper (in her new home where Ben and Daisy have never been), newfie hairs appeared in the paste as if by magic! So yes, she has a little bit of newf woven into her new home! lol xx


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