Altering and adapting ….

Sometimes it’s fun to take something and alter it to use in a new way.  A little while ago I managed to acquire an assortment of vintage educational posters on ebay. Amongst them was the picture above – a little tatty around the edges, with an assortment of sellotape marks and drawing pin holes around its borders – it had clearly been well-loved and used in its day.  I already have quite a few of these posters hanging on my walls, but I think that this one is particularly appealing.  As a friend said … “I want to walk into this picture – to see what’s around the corner of the wall.”  

So I scanned it – this took a little while as the actual poster is about A3 size, then put the scans together to make a single image and digitally added some strings of my paper bunting to the apple tree.  I think it looks really nice and I’ve had some cards printed ready to pop in with orders.  If you like the image and want to print it yourself, I don’t mind at all – I’ve uploaded it to my Flickr pages – just click here.  I love it so much I have it set as the wallpaper on my computer.
I’ve also looked at my Little Fishes pattern in another way … adapting it so that this time the fish is worked flat. I’ve added a few lines of text as well on some vintage linen – machined and frayed at the edges.  I’ve stitched the fish a little differently too, using consecutive rows of chain stitch for his tail…

  .. in the same way that I used consecutive circles in my Bunny and Balloons pattern, which in turn was inspired by the wonderful book “Modern Embroidery” by Ike Rosen.  This was published in the early 1970s and if you ever come across a copy I would urge you to snap it up instantly if not before!!  The two pictures on the left above are taken from this book and I wish I could share some of the patterns with you, but I’m certain it must still be in copyright.
Now off to pack .. Townie Husband and I are meeting for a weekend in Bath … and the newfies are off to their very most favouritest kennels.  The ones they love so much they dash inside and don’t even say goodbye!!  


Wow I have just found your lovely blog via Annie, I am your newest follower! I love your fishy and the picture took me back it's wonderful.
Kandi x


And I too found you via Annie and have become a follower *wave HI from New Zealand*


Guess what I found you through Annie too!!! Lovely blog am now your newest follower haha till the next one. Am sooo jealous of your weekend in Bath have a fab time.
Pene x


Hi Annie! Thank you for turning me onto the Ike Rosen book. It's just too bad that it seems to cost upwards of $149.00 US! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how much you paid for your copy? I now have a new quest: find that book for less $$!


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