Apple Tree Harvest

I’ve been busily stitching for the past few days (when I should have been doing a host of other tasks!), inspired by this vintage embroidery which lay crumpled and neglected at the bottom of my grandma’s sewing box for at least the last half-century (and possibly longer – who knows?).  Anyway, at every odd, snatched moment I have been found curled on the sofa, hoop in hand and glasses annoyingly sliding down nose as I was anxious to bring this little gem back to life again.  Ben of course was not amused ….


This is sooooo boring… mum isn’t paying me any attention – she won’t even notice if I’m not there


Mum will never see me here.  She’ll be sorry when she can’t find me.
.. and I used to think he was the brainy one of the pair!!  In spite of emotional pressure from a rather bored canine I soon completed the piece – and I think it looks surprisingly modern for what must be such an old transfer. 
I used soft colours for a 1930s feel, using outline stitches, apart from the ladder and apples to give structure and some emphasis.  I’m pleased with the result, Devon and indeed the West Country here in England is famous for apples and cider, so think I’ll use the panel on a cushion for the living room – ours are in sad need of replacing.
I’ve uploaded the transfer to Bustle and Sew and you’ll find the free download on the “More Free Goodies” page as both the original and a mirror version to suit your preferred method of transfer.  I’m sorry it isn’t quite of the best quality, but it’s certainly good enough – and if you’d seen the crumpled ball I found it in then you’d understand why!!
The October newsletter will be out next week – off to put some goodies together now!!


Linda Gilbert

Delightful just delightful. Very fitting for my blog just now as I have been picking apples in the Churchyard and amaking Apple Chutney– Easy recipe included!


I love your work and you are so generous to share the pictures and then the pattern with us too! Thank you so much! Poor Ben though!


The embroidery pattern is enchanting! It turned out really well I think. I love the picture of Ben hiding – I think he's playing hide & seek (as a small child would). 🙂


I just love it! The scene reminds me of picking apples with my children when they were little. Such a beautiful piece.

And of course poor dear Ben…being neglected by mum…. 🙂 He's a beautiful boy!


i just hAd to come over from flickr to see the finished piece…it is so lovely and i think you did very well with the quality considering the age. thank you!!


So beautiful! Thank you for sharing – my husbands family has an orchard and I will love to stitch this up for him mom who is 81 in a few weeks. Thank you again!


JE viens de Découvrir broderie magnifique this
Qui me rappelle Mon enfance ..
JE Vois Que Vous proposant la en libre … Merci pour le Partage … MAIS JE n'arrive Pas à la carte trouver,
pourriez-vous m'aider
merci et bonne soirée

Diana Banana

I love your work. For the life of me I can't find where you have "More Free Goodies" page. Help please! I would love to make one.


I LOVE this!!!! I get your newsletter and I actually gasped when I saw your 3 designs in this theme.


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