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Phew … I have been so busy just lately.  I seem to have so many projects on the go at present, and simply not enough hours in the day.  Added to which I have a definite apple problem.  My garden is knee deep in apples!  This year has been a bumper crop, and so I must collect them all up to send for juicing. Indeed some of the trees are so heavily laden I am worried that their branches will break if I don’t do something very soon. 
 And in honour of the harvest I have re-uploaded (is there such a word?) one of my favourite vintage patterns – the little girls collecting their own apple harvest.  You can download the pattern from Bustle & Sew – it’s here – in the free patterns section.
Ben loves to play with the fallen apples, but I don’t think eating too many is very good for his doggy insides … and the blackbirds are feasting happily as well.  Sadly so too are the wasps, so urgent action is called for .  I will have to send Townie Husband up a ladder to start picking at the weekend!!

Of course, September is not too far away, when children return to school – and here’s another old favourite for you – my very own Funky Pencil case design.  This is also available as a free download on Bustle & Sew – together with loads of other free designs you might like to check out.

One of the projects I am late in finishing is of course the “Top Tips for Stitchers” book that so many people generously contributed to a few weeks ago.  It’s nearly ready now and I’ll be circulating it via my free newsletter next month.  If you’d like a copy sent direct to your in-box, then please sign up to my newsletter using the form in the right-hand sidebar.
Now it’s back to finishing off the September issue of the magazine .. it’s raining very heavily here … so fallen apple collection – and Ben’s walk – will have to wait a while!!



Apples, what are you going to make….Apple Pie or Crumble…….?
Julie xxxxxxx


Thank you for the patterns.
The apple harvest design is so sweet. I'm just waiting delivery of a new printer to be able to print it out.
Love the little pencil case too.


Jenny of Elefantz

I love this apple tree design, and though mine is finished I still haven't decided how to display it! I should think about that over the weekend. 😉

Shirley Ann

Thank you for the patterns Ellie! The apple harvest design has come just in time as I am planning some autumn decorating (love autumn – my favourite season ;o)

Shirley Ann


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