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Christmas is a time for friends and family, for spending time with loved ones. I’m sure that our animal companions enjoy the festive cheer as much as we humans do, especially the tasty titbits which somehow find their way into bowls and the new toys that appear on Christmas morning.  But many animals don’t have loving homes, and although the lucky ones will find new families, some are destined to remain at animal shelters for the rest of their lives, however long, or short, a time this may be.  The most unlucky of course are left to fend for themselves, with varying degrees of success.
Amy, who sadly passed away earlier this year, was adopted by me … physically crippled and heart broken at the loss of her previous family (who didn’t have time to help her cope with her poor broken body).  But with lots of love and care, plus many visits to the vets, she learned to be happy again (check out the photo above!) and became the busy, bustling furry body at the heart of my home.  (plus a great judge for giveaways!)


And this year, in honour of Amy, I’ve decided to donate profits from this new applique pattern “At the Heart of Your Home” to our local animal rescue centre, Gables Farm, near Plymouth, to give many more homeless animals the care and support they need together with the chance of a new life with a loving family.
The downloadable pattern features three applique houses with embroidery details,
and has transfers, photos and detailed instructions for creating your applique panel and making a simple envelope style cushion cover.  It costs $3.50 and profits will be donated to the animal rescue centre (that’s not just dogs, but cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc etc etc)  If you’d like to purchase (as an instant download), then you can do so here …..


… or visit the main Bustle & Sew website.   And the cushion cover shown here is listed for sale in my Etsy shop.



Love it; just bought it =).

What a sweet thing to do with the proceeds of the sale of this pattern.

We adopted an older dog, who lived the last three years of her life with us. When we adopted her, she was quite ill, scared of men, and acted like she'd been hit more than a few times. In her three years with us, she came to be comfortable around my husband, grown stepson, and one of my brothers — timidly so, but at least she would come out and greet them and let them pet her. She was the perfect first dog for our youngest son, who'd been afraid of dogs up until then — she was gentle and didn't jump on him and would let him pet her for as long as he wanted. In the last six months of her life, we brought two puppies into our household. At first, Kelli was afraid of them, but she quickly came to realize they just wanted to play with her . . . and play with them she did! In spite of being deaf and not able to get around well in her last couple months, she still ran and played with them several times a day . . . and barked with / at them (which was amazing because, once she became totally deaf, she had quit barking entirely). As sad as we were when she died, it brought us so much happiness to know her last three years were filled with love, comfort, and, especially at the end, lots of playing. We will adopt dogs again, no doubt about it!


What a lovely idea. My bunnies came from Bleakholt Animal Sactury up here in Lancashire, where they work so hard on such limited funds. I think it's woderful that you support your local rescue centre.


The cushion is so beautiful!
And I love the idea to donate the profits to a shelter. I will keep that in mind and when my shop is – hopefully – one day making any profit I will do that, too. We too have a dog that would have gone to a shelter otherwise and even we got her very young – 7 months old – she already had several owners and a load of bad memories. It breaks my heart to think about what might have happened if she would have not come to live with us. And there are so many more pets that find no good home in time … It is just really sad!


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