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Before anything else, I’d like to say a great big “thank you” to everyone who has made such nice comments about my new Rosie and Bear designs.  I hesitated for a while before committing to this series of blocks because it’s quite a large project and I wasn’t sure if people would enjoy it.  But you do!! And thank you again.   I’ve been busy with January and above is a sneak preview of that naughty Bear perched on a snowman’s hat with a pawful of snow ready to fling at Rosie. 
One or two people have remarked though that they think Bear’s fur would be challenging.  It’s not … honestly .. I only use 3 different colours of floss and straight stitches.  But … I did wonder if you’d like me to put a free tutorial togther for my method of creating fur?  Please let me know via the poll at the top of the blog and if there’s demand, then I’ll put one together for you.
In the breaks from Rosie and Bear I’ve also started on another project – and here’s a second sneak preview.  Won’t tell you what it’s for yet – but there will be a giveaway when it’s complete .. so watch this space!
And finally .. was in one of our charity shops last week and picked up this fabric.  I simply had to have it.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it – any suggestions anyone?  And does anyone know anything about it?  I’ve googled dollie dressmaker but can’t find anything, guessing it’s 1960s from the designs, but would love to know more ….


Mmmmm! Think I would have bought the fabric too out of curiosity! I think I wouldn't cut the fabric but copy the patterns and make the dresses up in modern day fabrics. It looks really fascinating!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


oh wow – that is just tooooo cute. I love it. You have great patience! I've not visited for a while so I'm off to see what I've been missing. M x


I googled Jones Meccano (from the reference in the instructions on far right of pic). That led me to
where it says:

"The Tri-ang empire created by Lines Brothers now claimed to be the largest toy manufacturer in the world. Pedigree launched Sindy in 1962. The teenage doll quickly became the new rival of the American doll, Barbie.

Lines Brothers brought Meccano Ltd. which included Dinky Toys from Hornby in 1964. To increase sales of the financially-struggling Meccano, Lines Brothers introduced other products which brought it up-to-date. They introduced Play-Doh, Cliki and Cliki-Plus, similar to Lego, in this first year."

It looks like this might be a product they dreamed up to promote two of their companies, the toy producer of children's sewing machines and the maker of the Sindy doll.


Ow yess, a tutorial! And giveaway…can't wait to see your project done 🙂
Thanks, Ellie 🙂


Wow, thanks Dixie! Amazing amount of information. You must be a much better googler (is there such a word?) than me!


Oh my goodness, that fabric is gorgeous! Totally understand that you had to have it. 🙂
What to make from it … that is hard …
Maybe something like a special bag for on-the-go crafts (like embroidery or handsewing)? Depending on how small/large the print is I might even try making a skirt out of it. But wearing it would be a bit of a statement I guess. I think a handbag (something that is has a big and flat piece so the print would show well) should work, too. … Sorry, no real creative great ideas today I guess. But if I can think of something – sometimes ideas just kinda hit me at really weird moments – I will let you know!
Oh, maybe you could make fabric baskets out of them or use them to dress up big cardboard boxes to stow sewing material …


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