Blooming Lovely Panels …

Last time I blogged about the changing seasons and coming back to a Somerset autumn after a week spent sunning myself in the Mediterranean.  But please don’t think I was lying by the pool twiddling my thumbs while I was away, oh no – I was busy doing some most enjoyable stitching.  Last month, encouraged by lots of positive feedback, we launched our new range of pre-printed panels for embroidery. So far these have simply been an outline design ready for stitching – taking away what can be a tedious part of the process – transferring the design from paper to fabric.  I have been very impressed with the quality of printing from my supplier however, and eager to incorporate colour into these panels.  I ordered some samples along these lines – and here are the stitched results.  Firstly a pair of little bears …..


Photos taken by Rosie – she’s much better with a camera than I am!


This one would be a great choice for beginners I think.

I also re-worked an old design – my Bloom and Grow hoop.  I stitched this two or three years ago and did offer a limited edition of kits at the time.  It was very frustrating though as it was hard to cut the fabric so everyone received a nice piece to stitch on – and then the fabric itself went out of stock.  No worries with this version though ….


Some lovely painterly blooms and colourful stitching.  And speaking of stitching – I’m just working on the stitch guides to accompany these panels and hope to be listing them in our store this weekend.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re available.

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