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Returning rested and refreshed from my trip to Warwick, I’ve started thinking about next year for Bustle & Sew. It’s early I know, but I wanted to ask magazine, blog and newsletter readers for your opinions too – because without you there simply wouldn’t be a Bustle & Sew at all.    I do have one or two projects planned already. The first is a new e-book, out early next year “Simply Beautiful Softies” (that’s the proposed cover above) that will include detailed chapters on all the techniques I use for creating my own softies, together with a selection of existing – and some new – softie patterns for readers to try.

My series of Rosie & Bear blocks will also be completed in the spring, and will be incorporated into a new quilt pattern (with help from my expert quilting friends here in Devon!). I’m also planning to revise my free guide “How to Embroider Fur” to include video and audio as I know many stitchers are not confident about the techniques used to create realistic looking fur, so might welcome a more detailed tutorial.

This sort of brings me to the questions I’d like to ask – what would you like to see coming to Bustle & Sew in 2012? What are your favourite bits? Or not so favourite bits (hopefully not too many of these). I’m going to put together a (very) short feedback form quite soon, so it would be lovely if you had time to think about any suggestions you might like to make.
I know part of the newsletter and blog that everyone enjoys are the patterns I like to share … and so in the meantime I thought you’d like this one too ……
Two little bunnies having fun in the snow .. you can download them free here.
And finally …. the new Bustle & Sew magazine (I’m calling it the Angel Pigs Issue as they’ll be inside) is out on Thursday for just $4.50 for subscribers.  If you’d like to subscribe, then now is a very good time as you’ll receive the current issue immediately followed by the new issue when it comes out on Thursday. 
In fact now is a doubly good time to subscribe.  This is because one change coming in the New Year is that sadly I must increase the cover price of the magazine for new subscribers.  From 1 January 2012 the new monthly subscription price will be $5.70.  The good news is that the price for all current subscribers will remain unchanged. 
This means that if you subscribe between now and 31 December you will pay only $4.50 per month for the lifetime of your subscription, however long that may be.  You can subscribe using the button in the right-hand sidebar – or if you’d like to learn more then please click here to see some previews and see what current subscribers have to say about the Bustle & Sew magazine.


I'd love to see another book from you. I found your tips for sewers really useful. More softies would be good. I think my absolute favourite thing from you all year has been your elephant (although to be honest I've really enjoyed it all, I think you have a very good eye for things).


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