Calendar Bunnies Quilt

I have been doing a bit of sorting out of my fabric cupboard.  It’s a lovely old cupboard, possibly from a schoolroom, and when I first had it I kept it very neat and tidy.  But that was a few years ago now and as my stash has grown, and I have rummaged around trying to find the perfect FQ that I knew was in there somewhere … well, let’s just say that it’s not tidy any more!  Matters came to a head after Ben was buried in an avalanche of fabric that cascaded down from an overloaded shelf while he was snoozing blamelessly on the flagstones in the hall. 

Calendar Bunnies

And as I was sorting and tidying I came across lots of fabric I didn’t know I had, as well as my Calendar Bunnies.  I stitched these bunnies probably about three years ago, and after photographing them to list the lovely vintage pattern, I’d put them on a shelf in my cupboard and forgotten all about them.  But now they are being resurrected and turned into a scrappy style log cabin quilt.  I’m creating the blocks using the stitch and flip technique as some of the fabrics I’m using are old feedsack prints – and I’m not sure how strong they would be in a traditional patchwork top.  If you’d like the free stitch n flip tutorial I put together (very quickly) for Ben’s birthday topper, then please click here to download it. 

Calendar Bunnies: NovemberBecause it’s an American pattern, November is Thanksgiving, rather than Bonfire Night!!

I found a lovely selection of fabrics, including some vintage Laura Ashley designs and Cath Kidston, as well as some scraps that I simply don’t know what they are.  I’ve laid all the blocks out on Rosie’s bed and am planning to join them with some ivory-coloured narrow sashing.  Then I will practice my free motion quilting some more before attempting this quilt.  

Calendar Bunnies (2)

The Calendar Bunnies pattern is available on my website, if you’d like to have a go at this quilt.  Because it’s a vintage pattern I found in my Grandma’s old box it doesn’t come with any floss guide or instructions to make the quilt.  I was wondering if I should put together a booklet with stitching instructions for the bunnies, together with details for making the log cabin design quilt?  Please could you let me know by leaving a comment below if you think this would be a good idea?


I would love a color guide for the bunnies…Yours are just SO cute!!! I love everything about this little quilt! and I am glad Ben survived the avalanche!!! It was well worth it judging by the treasures you recovered!


Poor Ben!! Wrong place- wrong time once again!

Such lovely fabrics surrounding the sweet Calendar Bunnies! Isn’t it fun when one stumbles across treasures tucked away for safe keeping? !
I would love the stitching and quilt details for this beautiful heirloom quilt. Although I have the designs, I’ve yet to begin stitching them, but now, having seen your quilt, I know it’s where they belong!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
X Linda


Hello dear Helen, I am so glad you found your sweet bunnies and lots of pretty fabrics. That is always a blessing! I love your quilt and I am so glad I purchased the calendar bunnies from you. I am inspired to get stitching after seeing yours. I love the feedback fabric. Yes, I think it would be a wonderful idea to put together a booklet for stitching the bunnies and making the log cabin design! I would love that! Have a beautiful weekend and give Ben a hug from me! Love, Paula xoxo


How fun to have found this forgotten treasure – the blocks are really nice! It’ll be nice to see the completed project too – no pressure! I do agree that a stitching & floss guide would be a nice bonus to have for the blocks. Thanks for sharing the pics of your lovely project.
Smiles, DianeM


I too would love a colour guide to stitch these bunnies. Lately I have been using only one colour for all. A change of scenery would be good. The log cabin framing makes everything tie together.



Hello Helen,
I just found your site also and I am so love with your calendar bunnies and all of the Rosie & Bear goodies!! I could just spend an entire day on your site if the family would just allow me to.

Thank you for the wonderful walks you take us on all the beautiful pictures you share! Ben is such a beautiful friend to have around…..I just bet he is as cuddly as a bear!

Yes, please on the stitch guide, color guide and the such….it would be a lovely addition to the rest of your wonderfully homey site……..Thank you for sharing so much with your friends!

Your new friend in South Carolina, USA,


oh, poor Ben! My mom had a cave-in with her fabic stash a few months ago and it was awfull! You never know how much can be crammed in a cabinet untill it all comes piling out, I guess…
Those bunnies are cute!

Lori Morton

Loooove your bunnie’s!!! Glad you found them! Your idea for Log Cabin quilt is Awesome! YES!!! I would LOOOVE to have directions & all for such a Quilt!! Thanks for offering it to us all! 🙂


I would kove to have a copy of a booklet on how to make this sweet quilt.
The pattern makes me think of my childhood.
I hope you will make this booklet real soon!!!



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