Can you have too much cuteness?

I wonder … is it possible to have too much cuteness?  Meet Ivor the bunny …
Vintage blanket, felt tummy (and little pink heart), fluffy tail together with some simple embroidery … Ivor has that real “ahhh” factor.  Coming soon to Bustle & Sew on Etsy.  Meanwhile, I’ve added a fun poll to the top of the blog … can you have too much cuteness – what do you think?


Cute is my favourite thing, doesn't matter what it is if its cute i Love it.. Oh yes and seriously cute bunny
Pene x

Michelle May

Not if we're talking bunnies! As a bunny mama I know first hand. 🙂
So happy to find your blog through Jenny of Elefantz. This little one is simply adorable!
xx, Shell and Sugie bunny


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