Country Gardens – coming soon to a computer near you!

When I was at school (too long ago to mention!) in English Literature we studied a poem by Vita Sackville-West (of Sissinghurst fame) called “The Land”.  Well, I say poem, actually it was a whole book and I remember thinking that in places she did go on a bit (obviously I have very little culture – she did win a prize for it!).  But… there were phrases and verses that stayed with me over the years –  her work is so evocative of the English countryside and our changing seasons.  One of her verses is about  bees…
“…. to sup the flowers.
All over England from Northumbrian coasts,
To the wild sea-pink blown on Devon rocks,
Over the merry southern gardens, over
The grey-green bean-fields, round the Kentish oasts,
Through the frilled spires of cottage hollyhocks,
Go the big brown fat bees…..”
And it is these lines which inspired me to create my Country Gardens pillow cover design.   You see it here worked on a beautiful green vintage blanket.  I’ve just finished it and am in the process of writing up the pattern and instructions.  But I couldn’t resist giving you a sneak preview…

See the Hollyhocks – and the bees.  My bees aren’t not brown though, I think Vita must have been writing about Humble bees – these bees are the honey bees that are so threatened these days.  Luckily the hives near us have escaped problems so far.  And … as well as the bees, can you see the tiny ladybird perched on one of the leaves?  He’s very small –
and I’m sorry to say this picture is a bit blurry.  I think you can just about make him out though – and one of his buzzy friends –
I’m going to be a bit busy for the next few days, in Totnes on Saturday for the Vintage and Nostalgic Mix Fair, but I’ll try to write the pattern up early next week and have a special introductory offer for blog readers.  Watch this space!
And wish me luck and lots of sales on Saturday!!


What a wonderfu design, it has everything in it! Good luck at the show. if we didn't have anything else planned I'd be in Totnes supporting you – we come down often to visit the folks who live there.


It's very beautiful and even better that it was inspired by Vita ~ I am a fan!
I look forward to seeing the pattern and instructions. And of course good luck for Saturday.
Kandi x

Crystal Jeffers

Simply wonderful! Best of luck on Saturday and thank you for the sneak peek. 😉


The very best of luck on Sat and with your sales. Your stitching is wonderful and thanks for all the free tutuorials and patterns.


I just LOVE it!!!! So gorgeous Ellie, you have been very busy – a busy honey bee!! Good luck with the next few weeks, and I do wish you lots of sales, and new friends made!!!


That is the most gorgeous cushion EVER!! Love the simplicity of it with little bits of great detail especially the ladybird and bees. You are very talented, love your blog and so enjoy seeing your makes. Well done you
Pene x


I love this! I can't wait for the opportunity to purchase the pattern! You do beautiful applique and embroidery. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Such a beautiful cushion! I also love the knitted Union Jack cushion in your sidebar. Would you mind telling where you found the pattern?
Many thanks,


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