Daisy’s on the mend and Winter is coming!

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who left kind wishes for Daisy.  I am delighted to be able to tell you that she is nearly back to her usual mischievous self, though she is definitely more nervous around traffic – which is probably a very good thing!  It’s the sound of cars that now seems to worry her – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that she doesn’t actually see very well, and I’m certain she wouldn’t have seen the car that hit her – simply heard the sound of the engine.    Her accident hasn’t stopped her latest naughtiness though … Freddie has a collection of plastic balls that he loves to roll around the floor  – and Daisy loves to go snuffling after.  Sadly after she’s retrieved them she loves to shred them and his initial 100 play balls now probably only number around 80 plus!!


Apologies for the poor photo quality, but I think you’ll get the general idea.  She’s trying to tell me that it was really Ben, but I know the truth!  While Daisy has been convalescing I have been finishing off the final project for the October Magazine – my Winter is Coming hoop:


I’ve really loved stitching this one – inspired by adult colouring books it’s a great opportunity to really get creative with needle and thread.  I simply heaped all my icy cold colours into my project box – purples, blues, mints and indigo, as well as some silver for highlights, then just stitched as the mood took me …


It’s a large 16″ quilting hoop and I’m thinking this might be a good candidate for a pre-printed panel.  All those swirls and loops …..!!


Hi Helen,
Great to see Miss. Daisy on the mend. She really is irresistible, but isn’t it always the naughtiest ones that are? It’s a good job you’ve got dear Ben to balance the naughtiness out.
I love the winter wolf hoop – oh, for more time!
Diana. xx
P.S. Inky and Echo send their best woofs and licks to Ben and Daisy. xx

Julie Caisey

Just catching up after getting back from Edinburgh. Poor Daisy, glad to hear she on the mend.

Julie xxxxxxxx


What a lovely hoop. It does capture “winter” so well. And thanks for the update and photo of Daisy – such a cute mischief!


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