Don’t Look Back

At last – an evening warm enough to sit in my garden and blog with a nice cool drink close to hand.  Although it’s definitely not as neat and pristine as when we moved in, there’s still plenty of colour and thanks to all the rain we’ve had, the grass has remained nice and green …

photo 1 (5)

The bronze fennel is ENORMOUS and makes a nice backdrop to the hydrangeas and agapanthus.  Some people might think it a little odd to have a row of pots at the front of the border, but there are two very good reasons for this ….

photo 2 (2)

And here’s one of them!  Yes, given half a chance those naughty newfies love to rummage through the plants to see what they can discover, and in the process flattening everything in their paths.  The pots act as a sort of barrier and do at least slow them down a bit!   Look at the little box hedge too – it hasn’t recovered properly from Miss Tilly’s antics!  She tried to run along the top (spot the indentations) and eventually fell through (the missing bit towards the left side).  It wasn’t all her fault though as she was being closely pursued by Daisy at the time – they’re as bad as each other!

succulentshoop 001

Meanwhile I’ve been busy working on the first pattern for the September magazine  – that’s it above.  Reflecting the change in the seasons, rather than summer florals I’ve stitched some nice plump looking succulents and added some peacock feathers too as they felt most appropriate for the quote I’ve chosen.  I’m not sure where I first came across this, but it definitely resonates with me.  In common with just about everyone I should think, I have some regrets – wonderfully expressed in these words from the Book of Common Prayer …

I have left undone those things which I ought to have done; And I have done those things which I ought not to have done;

succulentshoop 005

But there’s no point in dwelling on the past – after all nothing can change what’s already  happened, so for me this is a very positive quote, reminding me to always look forward to all the exciting times to come.

And this quote felt most appropriate for September – always an exciting month  I think, as everyone returns energised from their holidays ready to begin the new season.  I do enjoy autumn with its lovely colours, the aroma of drifting woodsmoke on the air, hot chocolate and sleepy newfies snuggled by the stove.   That’s a little way away yet though, and hopefully there’s still some summer left to come.  In any case I do hope you like this new design, and the pattern will be in the September issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine which will be published on the last Thursday of August.


A beautiful design and a wonderful sentiment. The dog antics made me laugh – I hope the hedge recovers quickly.


Haha, yes so do I. I keep telling them all I will smack their furry bottoms but as I never follow through they just ignore me!


I love that quote too, and had forgotten i! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!! Love the new design and looking at your new home!! Oh and the 4 legged children too!! 🙂


Thanks Jan, and I’m sure those pesky pups would send their love if they could! Xx


I love the “Don’t Look Back” sampler and think it would be lovely on the bedroom wall so it could be the first sight in the morning and the last sight at night…Looking forward to September Issue already!
XX Linda


Thanks so much Linda, so pleased you like it. I wasn’t too sure about the challenge of the peacock feathers, but I think they worked out well. Xx


Its a lovely design and saying, but just recently I have had a cause to look back………..
Julie xxxxx


I have such a picture in my mind of Tilly dancing along that hedge with Daisy in full pursuit!! Ha! It must have looked so funny!


I love that quote and use it in a similar way; don’t look where you have been but where you are going.☺

Pam MacLennan

Sometimes we all need reminding to look to the future though what sort of people would we be without our past, after all it’s what makes us the people we are today (and here endith the lesson haha).
Love hearing about the antics of those naughty Newfies and pleased you have all settled into your new abode. Daisy looks so sweet and innocent. Am sure Tilly must have had the exact same look on her face.


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