Easter is here, but it’s chilly outside!

Brrrr..  it’s a bit chilly this Easter weekend.  Grey skies and a crisp (to say the least) wind do not make a very cheerful welcome for all the holiday visitors that have arrived over the last couple of days.  Easter brings the beginning of the tourist season here in Devon, though I think swimming, sandcastle-building and sunbathing are not likely to be popular activities this weekend.  But the days are growing longer now, British Summer Time has begun, and whilst it’s still too early for bluebells, there are primroses in plenty, the last of the daffodils, camellias and even some early cherry blossom.  And in my garden a pretty young Newfie posing beautifully ….

There are plenty of flowers inside too both in vases …..


and in my hoop as I’ve been working on new designs for the magazine.  As well as the “Workroom” sign I showed you before ….


– I’ve just written up the pattern for the May Magazine to include some of your suggestions for text –  I’ve been exploring ways of working with Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy (how I wish they’d chosen a shorter name!) while working on another oval hoop. This one’s for the June issue……


which I wanted to be slightly reminiscent of a tattoo design.  I chose as my text a few words from the famous extract from Corinthians 1 as this is the reading I did at Rosie and Dan’s wedding.  (nearly a year ago now – how can this be?!?!).  I fused the applique shapes before I applied the Fabri Solvy, being careful to press it down exactly over the applied shapes …..


I  printed the design onto the Solvy in colour which REALLY helped with the shading on the bluebird.  There was no more going backwards and forwards between my printed design and my stitching to check I was placing the colours correctly to achieve the right shaded effect.  Instead I was able to rely totally on the Solvy sheet, which made such a difference to the ease of stitching.

The only thing I don’t like about the Solvy is the sticky residue that builds up on my needle – though it’s easy to wipe away, and that it’s sometimes hard to judge exactly how the colours will look when I’ve dissolved away the Solvy sheet.  If you haven’t tried this product, then I really recomment experimenting with it – I am a definite convert!   Rosie is also hooked, though she doesn’t use it for her embroidered necklaces …


Which are lovely (I am a very proud mother) – and also available at 15% off this Easter!  Just pop over to her Etsy shop, Tilly and Floss and use code EASTERBUNNY for your discount.


And finally, all that remains is to wish you a lovely Easter Sunday tomorrow – we’re having our usual egg hunt (dogs NOT invited) and spending some family time together. Oh, and there’ll be plenty of chocolate too ……!!

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