Embroidering fur – there is another way!

As soon as it’s warm enough I love to take my work – whether that’s my laptop or sewing – out into the garden to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  I’d love to be able to tell you that the picture above is of my flowerbeds, but regretfully not – this picture was taken last week when we visited Bristol Zoo.  My borders look rather more like this….

Everything squashed flat by a rather large round Newfie bottom!  I suppose that if you call your dog Daisy, then you should be prepared for her to enjoy sitting among the flowers!  But I digress. At the weekend when it was so very hot, I spent quite a bit of time outdoors working…..

…and in the bottom corner of the photo above you can see one of the first patterns for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine… a baby bunny surrounded by a simple floral garland.  (The current issue includes the pattern for the kitten below).  I really enjoyed stitching the kitten as embroidering fur is one of my favourite things to do, and isn’t really that hard once you’ve grasped the (two) basic principles.

But it is time-consuming and I know some stitchers still feel it may be too difficult (it’s not!) to attempt.  So I thought that for this month’s issue I’d try stitching fur in an even easier – and much less time consuming – way….

This little bunny is shown mounted in an 8″ hoop.  He is worked in just a single strand of floss and his fur uses only two shades.  There is plenty of space between the stitches, which are simple straight stitches, and the darker colour is used only sparingly for his chest, cheeks and the top of his head.  The most important thing in this design is to ensure that you angle your stitches in the right direction.  A good general guide is to remember that the direction of an animal’s fur radiates outwards and backwards from their nose – if you bear this in mind it’s hard to go wrong.

I hope you like him – he reminds me a little of a rabbit Daisy caught a long time ago.  I remember walking down the hill towards home with the Newfies and noticing Daisy was carrying something furry in her mouth.  I asked her to “drop it” – amazingly she did – and even more remarkably the furry bundle turned out to be a rather surprised looking baby rabbit who, after giving himself a little shake, hopped off up the hill to rejoin his family – a little soggy, but otherwise completely unharmed!




I just love that bunny! Hasn’t it been lovely being able to stitch outside! I just want to give Daisy a cuddle 😍


It has indeed Saysie, and I’m sure Daisy would love a cuddle – I will give her a hug from you xx

Ming Turner

Oh I love that bunny. How I love you tales of Daisy. How I miss my newfi.


I’m so sorry Ming, I miss Ben so very much too so I do know just how you feel, but I’m pleased you’re enjoying tales of Daisy who is feeling much better now – I wouldn’t say she’s forgotten her big bro, but she’s learned to live without him xx

Virginia Johnson

Beautiful pictures and i think your place would be a lovely place to live, I so wish I could go there.
I live in the desert in Arizona so I love the green bushes and all. We have some beautiful things here
but not the same. I love all your things and enjoy making them, i love to embroider.


Thank you Virginia for your kind comments and though we live in very different places, we have a shared interest in embroidery. x


I really appreciate seeing this simplified method of embroidering fur! It’s such a
wonderful idea when there is so much to stitch [or that i would love to stitch] and it
gives quite a nice feel for the fur even tho its not filled in completely. TY or this! xo


Hi Helen,

Please give Daisy a big hug from me too – she’s just SO huggable!

Diana. xx

Inky and Echo send woofs and licks. xx


I will thanks Diana – she’s been having heart problems again and is back on her medication. Luckily it seems to be working and she’s gradually returning to her normal self. Love to your furry ones too xx


My garden used to look like yours with a 43 kilogram Newfie.
Special dogs.
I love your newsletters and am going to enjoy some embroidery in our warmer weather. The bunny and kitty are lovely.

Elizabeth Grove

I was a subscriber many years ago and when the budget got really tight I let it go. I’m a passionate quilter, but needlework in the evening is so calming. Bustle and Sew is a class publication and I just subscribed so am looking forward to many hours of fun. Thank you for publishing such an excellent product.


Aw, thanks so much for your lovely comments Elizabeth, I’m so pleased you are enjoying the magazine again – you’re sure to notice lots of changes since you were last on board x


Looks wonderful! Do you offer any Newfie patterns? I’ve been hoping to embroider a little something for my Landseer Newfie Alfred (who, incidentally also loves to squish my garden).


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