Endings … and beginnings …..

Although it’s still high summer here, there’s a definite feeling of change in the air.  The last couple of nights have been chilly, and it’s been dark much earlier in the evening.  But in the day when the sun shines brightly, it’s hot and easy to believe that autumn will never come.
The apples are ripening in the garden now. Ben loves to push them down the steps with his nose, watching keenly as they bounce on each stone step, bump, bump, bump right to the bottom, and if he’s lucky, in through the back door and onto his bed where he likes to lie and nibble at them gently.  It’s a year since we said “Goodbye” to Amy and he’s become quite used to being a spoiled only dog, though he does occasionally have a wistful expression as though he’s remembering her still.
This time of year has, for me, always been a time of endings … and beginnings … Rosie graduated this summer (that’s her with her tutor group: she’s on the left of the photo) so ending her full-time education and beginning her first “real” job this week.  I am so very proud of her, but also a little sad that she is now, as she says, a “proper grown-up” – her childhood is really ended.  Townie Husband and I helped her move into her new flat last weekend and this move, together with memories of when she first left home to go to college, inspired my new Rosie & Bear design, “Leaving Home”
As you can see, this pattern is a little different… where’s Rosie?  Well, she’s packed and ready to set off to college – and her faithful friend Bear is sitting up very straight and tall, taking care of all her possessions and making sure he isn’t forgotten.  As if!!  Hopefully you get the feeling that the nearly-grown-up Rosie  is only just outside the picture, and will bound in at any moment, scoop up Bear and, with him tucked under her arm, they’ll head off for a whole set of exciting new adventures together.
Which of course is exactly what did happen!  Bear is an elderly gentleman now who doesn’t get out and about as he used to, but contentedly waits on the end of Rosie’s bed for her to return and tell him all about her day.

I’ve had fun mixing applique and embroidery in this design too, Bear, Rosie’s desk lamp and her bundle of college books are all pure embroidery, whilst the boxes and bag are appliqued – spot the gathers at the neck of her bag – I saw this technique in a Japanese craft book and decided to try it out here.

Together with two more Bustle & Sew patterns, guest contributor, vintage patterns, articles & loads more too, this design will be featured in the September Issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine which comes out in just two weeks time – just $4.50 to subscribers (learn more here).  After this time the pattern will be listed on my website and in my Etsy shop.



Everything is definitely early this year! The apples look nice what are they eaters or cookers?
Love the new Rosie and Bear picture.
Julie xxxxxx


Awe, that is such a sweet embroidery, I love the way Bear is waiting and the lamp and books are beautifully done. 🙂
Vivienne x

The Cardboard Crafter

I love the mix of embroidery and applique! It's very sweet **wipes tear from eye**


There's a place for embroidery and a place for applique, and when the two meet, it's rather wonderful; you have the mix just right, it's a lovely piece. Elx


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