Feeling frustrated ….

Usually I love blogging and sharing all my stitching with all my readers and friends.  I really enjoy showing you what I’m up to, and hearing all your comments and ideas – I’ve “met” some lovely people and made some great stitching friends through Bustle & Sew.  But it’s fair to say that at the moment I’m feeling a bit frustrated.  This is because I’m doing an awful lot of sewing for THE BIG DAY that has to be kept secret until then, so I can’t share, even though I’m nearly bursting with wanting to show you all.  I am afraid that after the wedding I may become very boring as I’ll be wanting to show you millions and squillions of pictures of all the wedding projects I’ve been working on.

But this week hasn’t all been about wedding preparations.  I’ve just  finished the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine and will be sending it out on Thursday 29th.  There are some lovely summery projects including my Bloom and Grow embroidery ….

And, in response to demand, I’ve been busy putting together a limited edition of kits for this project.  The weather here has been lovely so I decided to take all the floss up into my summerhouse.  The kit has a mixture of Anchor and DMC floss that I’ve sorted onto shade cards – a lovely peaceful occupation until Ben woke up and saw what I was doing ….

Then trotted over to take a look.  (I’m not sure where Daisy was at this point – probably busy enlarging her latest excavation – an 18″ deep 4 ft long trench at the top end of the garden, under the fig tree)

He clearly didn’t approve of my activity, as he then proceeded to put on his best long-suffering face, resting his chin on the table and from time to time emitting heavy sighs ….

Until I gave up and went inside to rummage in the dog-treat tin for a tasty titbit for him to enjoy.  But I have now finished my kits.  They are a strictly limited edition of just 24  as I can’t get any more of this fabric…..

And I have listed the first six Bloom & Grow kits in my Etsy shop specially for blog readers.  You’ll find them to purchase here .  Meanwhile I hope you all have a great weekend – it’s a special one for me, and I’ll tell you all about it next time.


I for one cannot wait to see all the wedding embroidery………. I certainly won’t be bored with seeing all the pictures.
Love to see ‘Daisy’s Dug Out’. What will happen with the hole after she is bored with it?
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda Stanley

Just found you via a magazine advert on Amazon, read your great blogs, downloaded some free patterns and would like to sign up for the magazine. Life in Devon sound idyllic. I have been sewing, embroidering and crafting since I was young and love to read about new and inspirational ideas.

At the moment I am mainly working on memory quilts for the family. I to have a dog, a bearded collie called Poppy.
Linda (Leicestershire)


Hi Linda, lovely to hear from you – so pleased you’re enjoying Bustle & Sew. xx


Hi Helen. Boo hoo! I have missed the chance to buy a kit, I have only just seen the newsletter. Maybe next time.
I also cannot wait to see your pictures. Enjoy your weekend.


Aw, so sorry Julie – but have kept a couple back for giveaways so you still have a chance to get your paws on one! xx


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