Fish with no Chips! Another Giveaway

Yes, fish without chips will have to be the dish of choice here at Coombe Leigh.  Townie Husband and I have decided to go on holiday in the autumn to celebrate both our silver wedding anniversary and my golden (cough cough) birthday!  And some self-denial is now in order if I want to look good  fit into my holiday wardrobe.  So, like Annie the Felt Fairy I shall be carefully counting calories for a while.

And then I had another thought – perhaps yesterday’s giveaway might not appeal to readers from overseas, so maybe we should have two? I think Fish and Chips is something this country does really well – so I have decided to offer the fish embroidery above as a second giveaway.

If you want to, you can enter both … that’s fine (Amy is hoping for many, many entries!) and this time – please can you help me choose my holiday destination.  If you could go away for a week anywhere – where would you go?  Please leave your answer as a comment below to enter.  This draw will close at the same time as yesterday’s – midnight BST on Saturday 7 August.


MM that's hard, if I was going away in this country I'd like to go to Bath as I've only ever passed through and would love to be able to stop awhile. Love your fishie


I just returned from Berlin. It was my first time, even though it's my capital :). And I have to say it's the perfect location for a one week trip!!

Dee's Diary

My daughter, Holly would love this, she caught her first fish this week (and let him go again). Not far from you, but I think Cornwall is lovely for a holiday, the Lizard especially. Happpy anniversaries x


but if it has to be in the UK then in the Autumn how about Pembrokeshire, glorious coastline and towns like St Davids.


in the UK it has to be Suffolk. Anywhere in Suffolk, although going with the fishy theme maybe Cromer for some crab, or Aldeburgh for fish and chips on the seafront. Then some rowing on the boating lake at Thorpe Ness and some lovely shopping at Snape Maltings. That should keep you busy for a week!
If it was overseas it'd be a tough choice between the Pacific North West for big coastlines and amazing scenery or Tokyo to keep my shopping crazy daughter happy!

ps – I hope you get 100's of comments to keep Amy in biscuits for weeks!!!!


There are so many places I would like to visit and all of them in Blighty! I think I would love to go to Bournemouth again – why……….? Last time I was there I was a child and I think I would like to see how much it has changed, and I also wonder if the children can still light the candles in the park.
Julie xxxxxx


I'd love to go on a canal boat holiday maybe on the Norfolk Broads, stopping off at little riverside pubs and relaxing with a glass of wine, knitting or a good book. Bliss.
florrie x


If I could go away on holiday it would most definitely be to beautiful England! I would love to explore the lake district. But I'd also love to visit along your lovely Devon area too. And second to England I'd choose the Tuscany area of Italy.


We've just come back from Chard, Somerset, but I guess that's not much help to you 😉
The north Norfolk coast is my absolute favourite British destination.

Linda Gilbert

Treyarnon Bay in Cornwall in the sunshine and surf and there is a wonderful fish shop in nearby St Meryn
Kindest Regards Linda

Jenny of Elefantz

I'd love to go to Italy! I could eat real anchovies instead of the tinned variety, get lost in the language, and forget time in an old Tuscan villa…mmmm…delightful.


I'd love to go to New Zealand – and it's our silver wedding anniversary in 18 months so time to start planning/saving?????
If it was only a week i'd go to Ireland


The fish embroidery is so great! I love it!
If I were to go away for a week, I would dearly love to revisit the coast of southern Spain, near El Puerto de Santa Maria, a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Cadiz. I spent a lovely holiday there during my college years.


Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [04 Aug 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria


The embroidery is wonderful! I would love to revisit Isle of Bute, west coast of Scotland it's so beautiful there!


i would go to europe.. if its only for one week…
but if its for longer i would go to the states and only come back here, israel for visits


I think it would have to be Rome or Greece for me, I quite enjoy all the history surrounding it.X

Papgena Made It

When we married, we take a cruise by italy and we loved it, so definitly my choice! But if you don't know Portugal, I highly recomend: but not only Algarve, the North, that's my favorit part! (oh, and congratulations, by the way, for such big aniversaries!!!)


I like your fishie very well! I'd love to go to Tuscany, to Nova Scotia, to the Giant's Causeway, to visit Norwich/Norfolk again … lots of wishes, lots of fishes!


Hi there, I would definately go to Cumbria. I live in Norfolk, which is very flat, so I love to be in the mountains.Thank you for another giveaway


Defintely Ireland. I'm of Irish descent and never got there in 2006 even though I had a week's hiking vacation planned. Want to see all those greens!!


oh it has to be london i was just there for a few days last week, london has the best art galleries. I love the embroidered fish especially the colours that you used.

Molton Hearts

Love you blog and being a Devonite myself, know how lovely it is !! I would love to visit the Isles of Scilly, hopefully for the peace and quiet, lovely.


No one does fish n chips better than us down here in New Zealand!!! However in saying that, I do think your wee fish is adorable! lol

It's the middle of winter, anywhere sunny for a week would be absolute heaven!
Lovely blog, Carole 🙂


oops.. too late, i'm afraid!?
came home yesterday..(little dutch vacation)
I was once in Rome and was very much impressed.
I hope I will visit it again. (cappucino, mmm..)


I know the giveaway is over … but I just wanted to add some ideas for traveling anyway. 🙂
If you want to stay in the UK I would visit Scotland! I went there for my honeymoon – unfortunately too little time. I LOVED it there and find it very romantic. Especially the west coast and the Isle of Skye. But I would also love to go to the Highlands …
If I could travel worldwide anywhere … I would go to Australia or New Zealand. I have been to Australia for half a year and LOVED it! Never been to New Zealand. Yet. But on the other hand – I guess it's too far for a week as you already spend so much time traveling.
So I would say Scotland! 🙂


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