Four Seasons Project

Four Seasons: Spring

Living here in Devon, surrounded by beautiful countryside I am very aware of the seasons changing around me as Ben and I walk almost daily up through the woods behind our village.  I also love colour – and am fascinated by the way it can invoke a mood, a sense of place, or even a season.  So I have set myself a challenge for the April Issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine –  to complete the same design in colours/textures to reflect the changing seasons of the year.  This is the first .. Spring, and the others will follow in the June, September and December issues.  It’s my own interpretation of a vintage 1970s design – don’t you just adore her curly hair and groovy flowers!

Thank you everyone who sent kind comments on my new website – so lovely of you … it’s all very exciting for me and great to have all of Bustle & Sew in one place.  But just a short post tonight as the move has left me quite worn out.  Sofa, TV and cocoa for me this evening!


I love the new website and the new design idea…anxiously awaiting the next issue!
X Linda


Thanks Linda – just starting to put the new issue together now … have lots of ideas, but am anxiously awaiting arrival of some wool felt before I can begin. Ben thinks I should take him to the beach in the meantime, and as the tide is low and the sun is shining, I think I will!!

Best wishes
Helen x

Barb Colvin

It is so nice to have everything all in one spot! Your interpretation of that 70’s design is going to be such fun–just like everything you do 😉


Thanks so much Barb – lovely of you to say so. So pleased you like the new website too. Helen xx


*sigh* everything is so lovely here on your new site… bravo!
BTW Right on with the groovy embroidery… I’m digging it! I really like the way you have combined applique and embroidery. 🙂


Thanks Laura – it’s lovely to have it all up and running now, so much easier to have everything in one place.


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