Free Fur Tutorial plus a new Rosie & Bear Pattern

When we went to New York before Christmas, my grown-up Rosie was very taken with the Robert Indiana “Love” sculpture on 6th Avenue and, like millions of tourists, insisted on having her photo taken with it. 
Check out the shopping bags!  And I began wondering if that long-ago Rosie and her best friend Bear would have been just as struck by the sculpture as we were .. and of course they would…..  But their “Love” would have been more gentle, not hard-edged city culture, but much softer and dreamier – think country gardens, roses and love-hearts.  So I came up with the design at the top of this post. 
It’s called “Bear in Love” and is a one-off in the Rosie & Bear series.  It’s available to purchase in my Etsy Shop and won’t be included in the Bustle & Sew Magazine as the next issue comes out after that festival of love – Valentine’s Day. 
And this time … wait for it … I was finally organised enough to take lots of photos of Bear as I was stitching him and have, as promised a very long time ago (sorry) put together a free tutorial for you on embroidering fur. 
Just click above to open.  It’s hosted at Issuu – which is the same  site I’m using to host the Bustle & Sew Magazine and you can read it online – like a virtual magazine – pan and zoom and everything – very snazzy indeed.  Hope you like it!
And to finish … here’s that irrepressible Bear again!


That is absolutely LOVELY!
Hope my effort on Bear matches up to you
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


So adorable! That iconic love is dear to those of us who grew up reading "Love Story" and using many a tissue whilst watching the movie!


Lovely designs and lovely photos, Helen. I have been a very happy newsletter subscriber and have signed up for your magazine this morning. I wish you great success with all your endeavours; I find that your designs bring me joy and a lovely touch of nostalgia.


hi its all wow love it makes me smile your work as a artist also. thanks so much is your magazine in the USA hope so?


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