Happy Days …. and a free tutorial for you

Happy days… hmm.. well, mostly. I am generally quite a happy, positive sort of person and I love sharing all my designs and patterns with other people knowing that possibly they’re enjoying making their own stuff with them, or even just using them as inspiration. I know I was lucky to be born into a family of keen needlewomen and inherit a great deal from my mother and grandmother. This makes me happy.
But… earlier this week .. I became very unhappy for a while. I received an email from someone who had subscribed to my free newsletter (in which I share more patterns and update on new designs available in my shops). It was a most unpleasant email in which she berated me for daring to send out a knitting pattern. She told me that I was cluttering up her inbox with rubbish, that she had subscribed to (as she thought) an embroidery newsletter and that she no longer had any interest in any of my pathetic designs.
This really upset me and I wondered if she was right? Then I discussed with a good friend who told me that I’d been really lucky up to now only to meet nice people online and that I should disregard the nutters like this woman. So I gave myself a good shake and created the tutorial for this cushion (or pillow!) to cheer myself up … happy days came back again. (And anyway I like knitting)
This is my take on the oh, so on-trend beach hut design. My beach huts have waists!! I think that curving the sides makes them seem sort of cuddly and rather appealing. (bit like me really – well the cuddly bit anyway!). I’ve used vintage feedsack scraps and linen again and combined them with some simple embroidery. This design is really easy to make and great for summer. If you’d like the free tutorial, then just click here to download.
You’ll see I took the photos in the gazebo. I am so lucky that our house is built into the side of a hill. This means that my workroom (which is upstairs) is at garden level. So all I have to do is open the door into the workroom (far left of photo) and dash into the gazebo to take my photos. So much easier than trying to find good light in the winter!

Happy days are back again … nasty emails forgotten … and I’ll be here again very shortly with the results of the bunting draw that closes tonight. (Winner will be chosen using dog biscuits – watch this space!)



Do you know you are the second or third lovely person to have blogged about mean minded killjoys this week. My mother always taught us that if you can't say something pleasant dont say anything at all. So my comment to your emailer is 'o shut up'. I presume that if she buys a magazine about homes and they dare to do a cooking article she doesn't buy it any more. Well her loss, carry on you do good!


You go girl! Don't let the negative people get you down. That woman should keep her mouth shut & her nose in her own business!! Thanks for sharing all you do whether it's embroidery or knitting or pictures.


So sorry to read about the downright rudeness of others. Some people just like to make others miserable it seems, well good riddance I say. Life's way too short to waste time on that sort of narrow minded person.
Love your cushion! So cheery and summer perfect. I adore your knit softies, so cute!!
Have a fantastic weekend,



Firstly, I absolutely love your blog! Just stumbled across it the other day 😀 I only just got into crafting (by just I literally mean the other week lol) and your stuff is a real inspiration! Plus I live in Somerset, UK so it's nice to see a "local" crafter 😀
Secondly, the "hateful spammer" is waaay out of order. You're giving up your time to help people learn and give people inspiration and she has no right to throw that back in your face! It's nice to do things differently and spice it up a bit. If you are never shown anything new then you just get stuck in a rut.
Sorry for the mini-rant, I tend to ramble 😀
Anyway, thankyou for sharing your wonderful designs, be they knitting, embroidery or anything else!


I too always love your emails, and am grateful for your kindness in sharing your designs. Most people would never dream of sending hurtful messages so you must ignore this horrid person and think of all the nice people who email you!!
Jille x
Oh my goodness, the word verification is cross – maybe I was just typing that little bit too hard and the computer could tell!!


Yes, just ignore that nutcase. How ungrateful! I love your designs – all of them – even though I know there are some things that are way beyond my skill level. I think the inspiration is the important thing, and you certainly provide that.


For every ungrateful person there is a VERY grateful one, like myself, who loved receiving her knitting pattern 🙂 I'm not exaggerating when I say you have given me the inspiration to get back into all things textile, I'm even creating a little work space for myself!


What a silly woman she must be. Any tutorial is good never mind what craft it is. Infact, something a little different can inspire you to take up something you may never have. Ignore her and keep on doing what you do cos its all good my dear. I like knitting too….a lot!


Gosh I don't know, some people are so ungrateful!
Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for sharing ALL your lovely designs with us.


I enjoy reading your blog! No, don't let those negative people try to change you. You are just fine !! (Those people must be so unhappy they don't know how to be nice.) I have met such great people on-line. I do all sorts of needlework and quilting and other things…..I love it all !


I'm so sorry someone was mean to you – my goodness, get a life people! I love your newsletter and read every bit. Even if I'm genetically incapable of knitting.
Your Happy Days is DARLING!!! And beach houses is my favorite. I can't wait to make this, thank you – I hope only nice people email you from now on.


What a rude person, you're better off without people like that on your list. Keep up the great designs,whether they be knitting, stitcheries or applique, I love them all


What a shame there are those kind of people in the world. I love your blog and am so inspired by your many wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing and don't let those kind of people deter you. There are far more of us who are blessed and enjoy it all. I got started on your blog while looking for lamb ideas. I just love that knitted lamb; I am not a very talented knitter, but perhaps I will improve and can try that pattern one of these days.
Please keep it coming; Hope your week stays "Happy"
God Bless,


I would like to say a BIG thank you for the knitting pattern and the other patterns that can be downloaded from you. I get a lot of inspiration from your blog.
You are the second person I have met in the last few days who has blogged about nasty people! I was bought up to be grateful for what I received whether I liked it or not and if I didn't like it just pretend I do and then just tuck the gift away somewhere until it is found again a few months/years later then decide what to do with it.

Linda Gilbert

Can I echo all the comments above. I am so sorry to think you have been insulted in this way– how very unfair. In the end you would not want your beautiful ideas going to someone so rude so please be assured the rest of us appreciate your generosity enormously
Kindest Regards Linda

vintage girl

Don't take any notice of this vile person! that left you the email. I love receiving your newsletters and so do lots of others, I am so grateful to receive your lovely ideas! there are unfortunately some horrible people out there luckily they are rare, but we have all had some dealings with them! Hope you are not to upset. Lisaxx


Undoubtedly the ingrate is the sort of narrow minded that can only see one way – her own. How many of us really use just one medium to express our creativeness? I sew, knit, embroider with some regularity and then dabble in crochet, decoupage and jewelry making.

Thank you Dear for all you teach, share and inspire us to do!!!!


I've just found your blog but you seem so lovely – I don't know what that crazy e-mailer was talking about! The beach hut pillow is darling, I'm adding it to the (ever growing) "to do" list!


Happy days to you to. I love reading your blog,dont worry any more about that person. Some of us are a glass half full type of person and the rest see the world as a glass half empty. I know which one I am. Cheers to you and happy days.

Josée alias amelanche 1

It's very cute!!
J'adore, quel beau travail.

Bonne journée.

Simple Southern Happiness

I am so tickled to come across your blog from Bessie Mary. What a delightful blog you have, such a warm and inviting place. I know I will be back again and again, Just stopping in quickly to say Hello!

And… Just look at how blessed you are to have friends, family and followers that love you. Do not let this one person disrupt your soul, Its just one dark hole in a heaven of Bright Stars!! We will lift her up in prayer and pray she has better days.

I love your quilted pillow, I can see I will be on Etsy to visit your shop.

OH! you have some sweet babies there laying in the doorway in the above post, are they Newfoundlands? My friend has 1 and that is plenty for her. She begged me to feed Ben only outside. I see why…. loads of liquid sugar!

God's Blessings to you today and always!


Ignore and put it behind you I think you are amzing in the way you share your designs with us all


It really is amazing how many crazies there are out there. They value their own opinions so much that instead of simply pressing "unsubscribe," they have to vomit their vanity all over everyone else! Pathetic doesn't begin to describe it. I appreciate the little bits of beauty you bring into my inbox every week – it makes my world that much prettier and nicer. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog and newsletter! We {heart} you.


I see you and I are both into beach huts at the moment…must be summer coming! Don't worry about the unkind comment, delete and forget.


How completely rude!! Umm didn't she sign up for the newsletter?? Wow, just ignore since your designs are so sweet. You make me want to take up knitting desperately. I like that I may be able to try something new without it being super complicated. Your results are always so super cute. I finally figured a trick to copy designs onto thicker linen without a light box. Can't wait to start that hedgie and the turtle design…

Keep designing…!!


thank you so much!!!..I followed Colleen of The magic Bean over here..I love all Your designs, they are so charming!
couldn't resist the Rosie and Bear Royal wedding to stitch myself a souvenir.(soo sweet) Bravo and best wishes to the new Royal Couple. 😉


Thank you for the tutorial. Just ignore the rude lady. She must be having a miserable time in her own life if she gets uptight about an email. That's what the delete function is for…if you don't want to read an email…delete it.


Well, i love, love, love your blog and am so excited because jenny of Elefantz says you are the guest designer for her Christmas Issue next month – how cool is that!!!!Yipee, Yipee…… I like knitting but an obsessed with quilting and stitchery at the moment. That lady definatley needs to chillax as we say – chill out and relax! Hee…hee…


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