Happy Holidays!

Well of course it’s not holiday time yet.  But there is a charity Christmas card sale at our village hall this week and posters advertising various seasonal events – which aren’t too far off – are beginning to appear on noticeboards, in shop windows and fastened to gates, fence posts and other immoveable objects throughout the village.  
So I thought you might enjoy my Robin Redbreast pattern pictured above.  These little robins are really easy to make and would look great on a stall as a fundraiser at any Christmas event.  You only need a few scraps of felt/blanket and some buttons – and could easily make two or three in an evening.  The pattern’s free to download on the More Free Goodies page at Bustle & Sew.
Now I know that some of my visitors are from America and understand that you’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving (after Halloween that is).  So I wondered if you might like this pattern?  It was published in a 1940s Needlewoman magazine as part of a whole series “The Allies” – and I love this couple dressed in Puritan garb and proudly holding their stars and stripes.  If you would like it then again it’s on Bustle & Sew on the More Free Goodies Page.
And finally … I have had terrible trouble with this post.  I have one of these drawing pads for my computer that sits next to the keyboard.  And I could not understand why the cursor kept sweeping across the page and switching between applications.  Until at last the light dawned.  A certain large black dog was sitting next to me and his left ear was resting lightly upon the pad.  So every time he moved his head …. he moved the cursor too!  Thanks Ben!!  Time for a coffee I think.



Have to say though. You are an ENGLISH BLOG…. Should you be flying an American Flag ? With the Puritans ?
Go down to Plymouth and take a couple of pics from the steps… looks good !


I am an American visitor. I love the Puritan pattern. Thank you so much.

I love you and your blog. Thanks for all of your cute ideas and sweet patterns!


The robins are so cute. I'll definitely make them!
But first I'm working on your new embroidery pattern
Thank you again for such a wonderful wonderful news letter!


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