Have we gone backwards?

Well, I don’t know … it  feels like the world might have gone backwards.  Yesterday was bright and sunny, we went to the beach and enjoyed the faint warmth of the sunshine on our faces (one pink and one black and furry!)   But today the world is grey… grey clouds, grey roofs, grey sea …. no colour anywhere.  Even the brave daffodils that have already shown their cheerful faces look somehow drained of their brightness today.  And it’s raining – again!
So I thought I’d show you one of my favourite vintage jigsaws above – isn’t it glorious?  And a real sign of hope …. just looking at those summer flowers makes me feel warmer, reminding me that summer will come.  And of course we’re not going backwards really … it was lighter this morning, and tonight in spite of the greyness … and I’m progressing on my patterns for next week’s magazine, the running deer is finished now …
and the magazine is nearly assembled.  It’s sooooooo exciting !!


Sandie's Patch

I seem to remember being at school and there being a poster like that in the library!
It is lovely, I'd like a poster like that!
Like the running deer cushion too!

Sandie xx

Bumpkin Bears

I know just what you mean. Today has been wonderful and sunny and yet they now say frosts tonight and grey and rainy tomorrow! I love the colours of that jigsaw, really is hopeful 🙂 I must get on with my article for the next magazine, for now I've managed to get another pattern out and hope to get another one done to share in the magazine. Catherine x


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