Heatwave – what heatwave?


Alternative title:  “Never Trust the Weather Forecast.”

Today we were told it would be warm and sunny – no more than that, it was to be hot HOT HOT!  And was it?  No, of course not.  It has been grey, gloomy and cool with rain on and off throughout the day.  I am disheartened by this as I had hoped to sit in the gazebo this evening with my latest project.  Instead of which it is far too chilly to be out in the garden, so I will curl up on the kitchen sofa near the warmth of the Aga instead. 
I’m working hard on my latest project – for the August issue of the Bustle & Sew magazine.  I’ve come across a truly weird and wacky vintage animal alphabet.  Since when was “B” for Dog and Cat, “I” for Giraffe ….
And “A” for Duck?  I just can’t work it out – doesn’t apply to any language I can think of.  I think it adds hugely to its charm though – and it’s great fun giving it a new treatment and stitching all the little animals.  The little lamb at the top of the post is all French knots and I’ve used smyrna stitch (loopy) for some squirrels’ tails (as in “M” is for squirrel!)
Reassuringly though, “D” does still stand for Dog as well.  Ben will be pleased.
I’ve put the July Issue of the magazine to bed now – it’s all uploaded onto Issuu ready to hit those virtual news stands on Thursday.  It’s always a relief to get that done, as it’s such an enormous file it can take more than one attempt to upload successfully.  This month was remarkably hiccup-free though – and it’s a great issue – there’s….
Rosie & Bear Summer Bedtime
Signals & Semaphore Collection
Alphabets and monograms
plus a great Ipod or other gadget pouch from Jenny of Elefantz
And loads more as well ….. too much to mention here.  And if you were considering subscribing, then don’t delay – now is a very good time.  Your subscription starts with the current issue which means you’ll receive Issue 5 straight away and Issue 6 when it’s published on Thursday.  All those patterns!! All in one week!!
You’ll see the button to subscribe in the right hand sidebar. 
PS.  If you want to buy the patterns individually then they’ll be available in my shop afer the magazine publication date.


It's been hot here!!!! 45 degrees in our back garden today!! Phew that's too hot for me.


This morning started sunny, washing on line drying, arrived home just after twelve to a few drops of rain, went straight into the garden to collect the washing, and as I stepped back inside the heavens opened, and it has been raining here all afternoon! Nice on Sunday though, but didn't see any of it though!!!
Looking forward to seeing the alphabets.
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


I love it, it's soo odd it's special! Can't wait to see more of it.
I'm currently recoveing from sunburn, silly old me :0)
Kandi x

Christine M

Your little lamb is so cute. I embroidered a sheep once and covered it totally in french knots. It seemed to take forever but the effect was great.

Jenny of Elefantz

It may be a kooky alphabet, Helen, but it's gorgeous too! 🙂
I am so excited about your coming issue…lots of lovely things inside to make.

Muddling Through

You are so incredibly creative. I so enjoy seeing what you are doing. And cool weather is only a dream here in HOT Texas. LOL

GardenofDaisies (Gayle)

Your animal alphabet is delightful!! I am sorry to say that your heat way is stuck at my house. And I really do wish it would go visit you for a while. This June has been too hot.


I was hooked at I for giraffe lol. Can hardly wait to get my July issue. Hope you see some sun soon!


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