Here we are again!

So here we are again in the middle of another lockdown, and the weather isn’t nearly as kind as it was back in April and May when we were locked down for the first time.  Back then the skies were blue, the garden was flowering, and Ted was a very small dog – although one with a big attitude. But all that has now changed, he’s now bigger than Daisy and I think is well on his way to being even larger than Ben ever was….

That’s the ever-lovely Miss Daisy at the front (closest to the treats) of course!  We’re really pleased with her ladyship – when she developed heart problems our vet at the time told us that we shouldn’t expect her to survive beyond 7 or 8 years.  Her eighth birthday was last week and as you can see, she’s still a happy healthy girl who loves her walks (though she is always the slow one at the back) and keeps the two boys Rufus and Ted in order with a very firm paw.  Though sometimes of course, they do get a little out of hand….

Of course we’re all hoping that we will be able to enjoy some kind of Christmas with family and friends, though at the moment it’s impossible to make any plans.  I must admit I have found stitching to be a very relaxing and soothing occupation during these difficult times, and I think a lot of other people have too.  I’ve had perhaps a little more time to spend with my hoop and have enjoyed trying out some different, more challenging stitches in the beginnings of my latest pattern collection – girls in stitches.  So far I have completed two designs and am working on the third.  The first little girl – Alice was included in the November Bustle & Sew Magazine and Freya will feature in the December edition.

They’re not beginner’s projects, but are a great project for the more confident.  I have plans to make them into kits too – just watch this space for more updates!




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