In which I discover I am vintage!!

No, that is not actually me.  But according to my mum I was a “Cow & Gate Baby”  which I hope meant that she fed me on their milk – and was not a reference to any bovine qualities she might have felt I posessed!
Earlier this week I visited our wonderful Oxfam Bookshop in Kingsbridge – I pop in frequently as you never know what you might find – and this time was a gem – The 50s & 60s – The Best of Times: Growing Up and Being Young in Britain – a book by Alison Pressley. Although I wasn’t born until the 1960s, in many ways my childhood was more like one of the 1950s – the swinging 60s didn’t arrive in our road until much later on – if at all!  One picture especially caught my eye ..
Look carefully – what is Santa holding in his left hand .. could it be?  I do believe it is ….
My sewing tin!!  The one that was my Mum’s and my Grandma’s too.  A perfect size for transporting only the things you need for the project of the moment.   So now I know that it really is older than me – though as a Cow and Gate baby I must accept that I too am vintage!
And here is the work you saw peeping from the tin.  I have been thinking lately that it’s about time I put together a design for the boys … and this is the result.  As you can see it’s still a work in progress, but the pattern will be included in the July issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.



I'm vintage too then because I was a Cow & Gate baby as well! 🙂
Vivienne x


Me too……………I was a Cow & Gate in the 50's and so were my boys inthe 80's!
The piece of embroidery looks very interesting.
Julie xxxxxxxxxx


The book with all the vintage ads looks fun! How cool that you found your tin in it. (I LOVE shortbread!) Your embroidery project looks perfect for summer. (Nautical alphabet?)

Linda Gilbert

Well I must be vintage add on a few as I was born in 1953
Kindest Regards Linda

Jennifer Woodward

Oh my…I can add a new title to my name, "Vintage Jennifer" since I was born in 1954.

LOVELY new project. Looking forward to seeing it in your July issue, as well as all of your other goodies.

Vintage Jennifer (tee hee)

Jenny of Elefantz

Love the sneak peek, Helen!
I also love all things vintage, so these finds you make and show are lovely to see. 🙂


How funny. I use the exact same tin for my buttons. I used it for little farm animals when I was little. No idea who had it before, but I suspect it was a relation.


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