I’ve been sooo busy

I’ve been soooo busy just lately working on some new bag designs for the autumn. I’m off to Kingsbridge Show in September and am probably going to do some Christmas shopping evenings – candlelit Dartmouth is especially good, so I’ll need lots of lovely stock. I haven’t been doing much watercolour painting lately, but have returned to my first love, sewing, and in particular applique, which I guess you could call painting with textiles. And I’ve come up with some new designs ….I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see them very well – these are just quick snaps – I’m going to try and take some proper photos tomorrow, but it’s been raining all day here and the light has been terrible for photography. The bags are quite large – about 24″ wide and incredibly roomy inside with two deep pockets faced in the same fabric used for the shoulder straps.
The applique was huge fun to do, it’s mainly vintage Welsh blanket and feedsack scraps plus some Cath Kidston. I’ve added some hand embroidery and buttons too for a really tactile feel – oh and the roof of the right hand cottage (grey) is felted cashmere. I’ve used my favourite vintage linen mangle cloth as the base fabric and I’m very pleased with them both. I did the panels and Elona put the bags together with typical Russian precision – a real DevonBears team effort!


I’m seriously considering putting together some kind of book of patterns of my stuff as I think other people might enjoy making my designs too. Does anyone out there agree this might be a good idea? Please let me know what you think.


Well, I really like them..especially the second one.
I must try and make it to the Kingsbridge show! 😉


What beautiful things!
You are very talented !
I know I would like to see some patterns!
Sam X


Me too! I love the bags and would love some patterns. You should put together a book! Thanks too for the gorgeous quilt and beautiful height charts for my baby and his friends. They are truly heirloom quality gifts. Brilliant.

Zoe xxx


I love the bags!!! So does my Sister. I've been in a slump and just maybe making one of these will pull me out of my darkness.
Seriously, I would Love a book with your patterns. I admire your work so much! Please, give it some more thought and then DO IT! I, of course, want a signed copy.


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