Just a little peep ….

I’ve been super-busy today – Rosie and I have been planning all kinds of Bustle & Sew goodies for the coming year (watch out for new kits coming soon) and after she left I continued work on another project for the February Magazine

Another poor image I’m afraid – again taken by the light of my work lamp.  This is of course very bravely the reverse of my work and though it isn’t as neat as the front (sorry to my grandma who insisted that the front and back should in theory be almost interchangeable – this was never an achievable goal  for me I’m afraid) I think you should be able to see what it will be!  It’s nearly finished so I should be able to reveal the front at the weekend.

I’m stitching on felt again, I really like using it for designs like this one, and also my Party Panda Hoop pattern ….

Where accuracy of stitch placement is important – as it’s a non-woven fabric then I don’t need to worry about my needle slipping between and/or piercing the threads.  A nice firmly woven cotton would, I am sure, work just as well – but I also rather like the slightly fuzzy texture of the felt which I think makes a nice contrast to the smooth embroidery floss.


Hello Helen,

You’ll probably think I’m quite mad but I love the back view of your zebra embroidery – I think it catches the eye because it’s not what you expect and makes you look harder at it (and, believe you me, it’s a lot more tidy than the back of most of my embroidery). Now I can’t wait to see the front!

Diana. xx
(Woofs and lots of fun to Miss. Daisy and Tilly from Inky and Echo. xx)


Thanks Diana – though I am sure you will empathise – I had to spend a good five minutes removing Daisy fluff from the felt before I could take the picture haha!! Love to all xx


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