Let’s Play at Indians!

I have been taking the opportunity of a little more spare time to sort through my rather large and untidy pile of old sewing magazines.  I’ve found quite a few transfers, some of which you’ll find in earlier posts this month, and like most vintage transfers they’ve been very pretty – flowers, fairies, ballerinas and so on.  This is great for girls and mothers of girls … but what about the boys?
Now they too are catered for – I was so pleased to discover this wonderful pattern entitled “Let’s Play at Indians” and love the way it’s treated in the magazine – as a border for curtains …
Unfortunately the transfer itself wasn’t included with the magazine, but a little bit of drawing and scanning soon fixed that and I speedily uploaded the pattern and original working instructions to Bustle and Sew. So if you’d like the free download, simply click here to get the pdf file. 
Sew long folks …


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