Little Fishes Pattern coming soon…

Here in Chillington we are very close to the sea … less than a mile away is the great sweeping curve of Start Bay where the fishermen head out onto the water early each morning.  A great variety of fish and shellfish are landed – the Sea Bass and Sea Trout are famous, as is Start Bay crab.  And you can purchase directly from the fishermen at Beesands, choose a lovely fresh wet fish to take home or sit and eat delicious crab sandwiches in the sunshine whilst enjoying the sea air and a great view. 
I don’t think fish like these have ever been landed here though!  Here’s a sneak preview of work in progress on my latest pattern .. some lovely linen fish.  I’ve always quite liked those bunches of wooden fish you can purchase in the gift shops around here – but felt they lacked a certain something!  So I thought I’d create some of my own!  I think a bunch will look great hanging from a peg, or possibly worked flat as a picture?  I’m working as hard as I can on the design as I want to include it as part of a pattern deal in the July newsletter which will be coming out later this week.
I’ve really fallen in love with working with felt, and combining it with my favourite vintage linen works really well … so watch this space for the completed pattern… coming soon!!


LAnderson (Southern Stitches)

Really cute – LOVE your vintage sewing! I am now a new follower!


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