Love is Blind

At last ….. everything seems to be working again (fingers crossed!).  Everything is of course slightly different, nothing is where I expect it to be, so the simplest task is taking twice as long as before.  But never mind, I am sure that I will soon become accustomed to all this wonderful new technology.  And the speed …. ahhh the speed with which everything happens!  (After I’ve found the right button to press of course.)
Anyway, at last I am able to bring you my Valentine design – a small blind mole who is seeking someone special to give his heart to . He is great fun to stitch and there are only 3 colours in his fur – just use mid-grey to put in the highlights (which are all printed on the pattern for you) and work lots of black straight stitches around them.  And, as we all know, black is such a forgiving colour.  I read somewhere recently that a very large percentage of women wear nothing but black. That is definitely taking things a bit too far for me, though clearly it works for Ben.  Admirers flock to him whenever he sets paw in town – it took forever to get round Totnes market with him today!
Black is hard to photograph well though – as I’m only too well aware after years of trying to photograph my furry black friends. Moley looks much cuter in real life, but this was the very best I could manage.  Anyway, the pattern is free and if you’d like to download it, then please just click here for the pdf file.  There are additional hints on transferring your image to fabric and working fur included – hope you enjoy it.
Will be sure to keep you updated on the bunting project…. can’t wait to see some of Townie Husband’s old striped shirts in their new life as bunting flags fluttering in the breeze!!


Awww he is just so very cute! And I always think black is a nice choice, unlike all the beige clothes I saw when window shopping the new spring collections this morning, rather depressing.

Good luck with the laptop, I've just had to replace mine as it was developing fault after fault, but now being on my 4th laptop (in about 11 years), they're beginning to get for me about unexciting as a new washing machine!


He's such a cutie! I can't wait to start stitching him once I've a free minute!


He's gorgeous……..I wonder if I could squeeze him between the crochet and sock knitting.

florrie x


Oh, Helen! He is just the CUTEST! Thank you so much for giving this one to us!

By the way, the knitted monkey & Flora the Badger were HUGE hits at Christmas, both with the recepients and their respective mothers! I kept one monkey for myself, of course. 🙂


Thank you for sharing this goodie! He is adorable. I can't wait to start getting my newsletter.


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