More thoughts on pre-printed panels

On Friday I showed you the first proofs of my new pre-printed panels, those which simply transfer the stitching lines leaving the whole design to be completed by the stitcher.  Additionally, inspired by all the lovely digitally printed soft furnishings available these days, I have been experimenting with taking this idea a little further and using the fabric itself as part of the finished design.

I’ve always enjoyed stitching onto patterned fabric, and one of my earlier ideas was my Bloom and Grow hoop ….

clockbloomquilt 040

But of course one of the main problems in sharing these patterns with others is the difficulty in obtaining the same fabric, especially as many Bustle & Sew readers aren’t in the UK.  I did actually offer this design as a kit for while back in 2014, but had to discontinue when I ran out of the fabric and couldn’t acquire any more.

More recently you may remember the Spring and Easter hoops from earlier this year ….

catetc 034

Again combining a patterned fabric with embroidery, an effect which I particularly enjoy.  So, along with my other proofs, I thought it would be fun to try this idea out once more.  Nothing too complicated to begin with  …..


I’ve added some embroidered details to the little bear, and am in the middle of stitching the floral garland.  All the flowers are printed in colour for easy stitching, and I was planning to offer the stitching guide alongside the printed panel.  The manufacturer’s instructions state that the panels can be washed at 30 degrees, so as well as being good for hoops, they’d possibly also be fun to use as part of a quilting project.  I currently have a set of 3 of Bunbun and Bear and will be sure to show you the other two when they’re finished.

The possibilities opened up by digital printing, especially now it’s available in the UK, so I don’t have to worry about high postage charges and customs duties, are almost endless, I’m feeling super-excited about it all, and if anybody has any ideas or suggestions on what they’d like to see in this format then please do let me know either by email or by leaving a comment below.

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Kerry Brittain

These are lovely, I have often been put off starting a project because I am not very patient when it comes to transferring the designs. I will definitely be buying these!


Hi Deb, it’s available in our store – there’s a whole section just for printed panels! xx


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