New – DIY Video Shorts!

They’re here – new Bustle & Sew DIY Video shorts.  I’ve been planning a series of short videos on hints, tips and stitches for some time now, but have only just managed to record my first videos.  As I mentioned previously, a corner of my workroom has been turned into my “studio” ….

And after much tweaking of lights and hoop for the best possible results I’ve managed to (finally) record my first four videos.  They’re all how-to’s of four commonly used stitches – back stitch, satin stitch, French knots and chain stitch.  I did think I’d recorded five, including stem stitch, but apparently I forgot to press the button on the camera!  I used a clamp to keep my hoop steady, though I don’t usually stitch with one (preferring to curl up in my oversized armchair) so you can see exactly what I’m doing.  I must emphasise though that I’m not a professional embroiderer – and I’m showing you my way of stitching, exactly how I was taught by my mum and grandma.  There are so many different ways of stitching, but the way I’ve shown you works for me.

If you’d like to view my videos (and I do hope you like them), then please just CLICK HERE to access my video shorts page.  I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks, and will let you know when I do so.  I really hope you like them – fingers crossed!


Love the little videos. The French Knot was actually the first stitch I ever learnt!
Julie xxxxxxxx


Your stitch tips are wonderful. Short and sweet. I am looking forward to the stem stitch when it is available. Thank you so much Helen.


Fabulously concise and informative videos, love the fact that you don’t waffle!
One area that I do have problems in when stitching is inserting gussets in softies, either I am not cutting out the gusset correctly or making some other mistake but they always seem a little smaller than the gap that needs to be filled. Luckily felt is very forgiving and I can stretch it slightly to fit. The one I had most difficulty with was Humphrey the dog 🙂


Hmmm …. You might find it easiest to pin at both ends and then another pin in the middle before easing the gusset into place – a bit like setting a sleeve into a garment? And in any case if you start in the middle and work to each end, then if you do have to stretch slightly then it will be spread across the seam, not all in one place. Hope ths helps. xx


Hi Helen,
Re your sewing videos, which are so very clear, at some stage in the future please could you include long and short stitch embroidery? I would be so grateful as I always end up with stitches the same size.
With many thanks, Sue Thomas


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