New Listing: Little Stitching Rabbit by Nakisha

Today I have been busy at my desk, resolutely ignoring the bright sunshine outside and Ben calling me to “Come and play Mum!”  as I simply must get some work done before the weekend. 
I have a couple of projects on the go at present, including putting together the free “Top Tips” book that so many readers kindly sent contributions for last month.  I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but the book is nearly finished now and I think it looks great – I’ve learned loads of interesting new tips which I can hardly wait to share with you all. 

Above is a photo of a little part of my desk, with some of  the sweet peas I have grown in old apple crates outside the back door.  I am very proud of them – they are a highly fragrant variety and just those few are nearly overwhelming.  I have stuffed them into my very own Sooty egg cup which I have had since I was very very tiny.  In fact I don’t remember a time when my mum didn’t serve up my boiled egg in this egg cup (with bread and butter soldiers of course!).  So, like me, my Sooty egg cup is vintage!! 
Just peeping out from behind the sweet peas you can see the Little Stitching Rabbit embroidery from Nakisha.  I think I mentioned before that she is also designing some more patterns just for Bustle & Sew.  I’m part-way through stitching up the set of four seasons that she’s sent me … here’s a sneak preview of winter for you ….
I was going to wait and release all her patterns together, but one or two people have enquired about the Little Stitching Rabbit which is included in this month’s Bustle & Sew magazine.  So I’ve decided not to wait until the others are ready, but to list it now.
You can find the Little Stitching Rabbit on the Bustle & Sew website and also in my Etsy Shop where it’s listed at $3.75.  It’s really easy to stitch as it uses only basic stitches – apart from the little rabbit’s fluffy tail which is Turkish knot (but I do give you a diagram and instructions for working this).  Oh .. and don’t forget to visit Nakisha’s Etsy shop, Bluedogrose, where you can see all her wonderful artwork .. she’s an amazingly talented lady.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy

I love your egg cup! How lovely that you have it from your childhod! Great patterns as always!


Sweet peas are some of favorites from the garden, yours are beautiful in your vintage egg cup…how precious you still have that! I love the new rabbit embroideries, esp love the stitching rabbit 🙂


I adore the stitching rabbit. And your egg cup is too cute, funny but my mum will still make egg and soldiers for my 24 year old son when he visits but not for me, what is with that?!

Nanette Merrill and daughters

So so cute. Your design and idea is great. Love the stitching bunny.


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