Not the Easter Bunny (part two)

Sometimes it’s nice to take a vintage pattern and tweak it just a little so it sits more comfortably with 21st century style.
I adored the bunnies in this vintage pattern, but felt that the whole design was a little heavy and ornate, and the bunnies seemed to lack sparkle somehow. So I tweaked a little here and omitted a little there and am pleased with the final result.
I stitched my bunnies onto squares of felt and gave each one a very cheerful expression.  I also kept the stitching a lot lighter and used gold floss for the stars for a little extra sparkle.  Rather than add lines of zig-zag stitch I sewed the squares together with the seams on the right side for some texture and interest. 

Until writing this post though, I hadn’t realised that my bunnies were in reverse – that’s so odd because I used the original transfers from the pattern so they should have been the right way round.  Unless of course the original photographers reversed their images!!  Sneaky huh!!

I’ve made my squares up into a simple envelope closure cushion cover backed with a cheerful floral fabric.  But now I can’t decide whether to put it on my stall at the next Nostalgia & Handmade Fair in Totnes – or keep it for myself? 
While I’m deciding …. I’ve updated the “Not the Easter Bunny” pdf to include floss, diagrams and stitching instructions for my own vintage-inspired bunny cushion, together with stitch diagrams for scroll and twisted chain stitch in case you haven’t tried them before.  You can currently download the new pdf for free at Bustle & Sew for the next month, after which time it will only be available in my shop.  Hope you like it!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy

Fantastic cushion, I love the colours you have chosen too! Happy New Year love annie xx


This is WONDERFUL; thanks! I love the pillow – that would be difficult to part with, to be sure.


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