Not the Easter Bunny! Some vintage transfers for you.

Yesterday we went to the Christmas Fair in Kingsbridge.  There was mulled wine, mince pies, street entertainment and lots of very cold-looking stall holders – which reminded me why I’d decided not to take any more open-air stalls in the colder months!  We had a great time, and Ben received many compliments on his Christmas outfit – some mini-bunting wrapped several times loosely around his neck and firmly secured in place.  Above is a quick snap taken on my phone (hence the poor quality) – don’t you love the resigned expression on his face!
“But what has this to do with the Easter Bunny?” I hear you asking.  Well, feeling all Christmassy we got home and then I popped into our village shop to pick up a pint of milk.  And what did I see on the counter?!  Cadbury’s Creme Eggs!!  The earliest sighting yet!  And of course Easter means bunnies as well as eggs – but these are not  Easter Bunnies …
…. These are lovely vintage transfers from a booklet in my inherited stash.  I think they’re great and have been meaning to stitch them for some time.  I also think they are more Christmassy than spring-like with the fir trees and stars.  They’re probably going to be my Christmas project this year – I love stitching bunnies, such attractive animals.  I think I’ll make mine into a cushion ….
….. rather like the one in the original booklet.  And I’ve scanned and put the whole leaflet together as a pdf for you – it includes stitching instructions and more project ideas.  If you’d like it then please click here to download the pdf free from Bustle & Sew.


Oh he looks so cute! You should have a caption competition!!!!!
The mention of Cadbury's Creme Eggs reminds me that we used to go into Woolworths on the first day it opened after Christmas usually Boxing Day and say in avery loud voice Easter must be coming as we spotted the Easter Eggs!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Thankyou for sharing such a delightful little pattern, that's another thing on my urgent to do list!!


Thank you for sharing such gorgeous vintage patterns. I think there's something really special about the vintage designs. I've got a wonderful stash of art deco/nouveau designs – I just need to remember where I put them safely!
Mmmm I love creme egg time! Unusual to have them before January though! I really thought the Twisters were there way round the seasonal thing.


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