Reuse, Recycle, Restore ….

A long time ago, I came across a folder of embroidery transfers with this design amongst them. It commemorates the end of World War 2 and shows representatives from the Allied Nations not simply celebrating victory, but rather rejoicing in their new peaceful world. It’s quite a dated design I suppose, and not one that has automatic appeal today, and yet …. I didn’t want to discard it, so I put it aside until I could think of a use for it.

Time moved on and I acquired a computer and developed the skills to use Paintshop and a heat press to print my creations onto fabric. The Union Jack became one of our most popular icons and nostalgia, epitomised by Cath Kidston’s designs became fashionable. I remembered this transfer and magazine pages, so scanned it ….

Above you can see the original embroidery instructions and below the key to the different countries. I didn’t plan to embroider it as I didn’t particularly like the effect…

So after scanning the actual transfer (below), I converted it to black and white, cleaned it up a bit (restored it) in Paintshop, then brought it to life with colour!!

I think it looks great! Much more in keeping with our tastes today, yet retaining some of that sense of the past. Then I combined it with my favourite applique ….

…. and the Union Jack to create a range of cushions to offer on DevonBear Designs

.. including Cath Kidston fabrics, but also, in keeping with the reuse and recycle theme, I have used some vintage and repurposed fabrics – the base fabric is my favourite vintage linen mangle cloth and the blue fabric on this cushion is from an old Provence table cloth. This also means every cushion is different – and unique.

So that’s reuse, recycle and restore …. our grandmothers from the “Make Do and Mend” generation would, I’m sure, approve of my efforts! I think my cushion looks great – and just a little bit different to the many Union Jack cushions on offer today. I hope you like it too!

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Wow, that's fantastic! I love how you used the pattern, it's wonderful. I just clicked over from Totally Tutorials and I'm so glad I did. It's gorgeous here! Your snuggle bunny hand warmer project is so cute. I'd love to link to it if you didn't mind.


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