Robins in Love

I did wonder whether or not this post, instead of “Robins in Love” should be entitled …. “One blogger with the attention span of a gnat who can’t resist running off and starting new projects while she still has lots of other stuff to finish!”  But that was too long to fit in the space bar!!  Anyway, I’ve been living and breathing robins – yes and even dreaming about them – as I’m in the middle of making a couple of dozen for a party in early December.  And then …. I had an idea …..
Regular readers will remember my very successful Scotties in Love cushion cover, quickly followed by Owls in Love:
shameless plug here – the pattern for the Owls is available in my Etsy Shop!
So, getting back to the main topic,  my idea was …. what about Robins in Love at Christmas time?  And instead of a heart, well it has to be mistletoe of course, with a little pearl bead for the berry.  Some red ric rac braid makes everything very cheerful too.
The crochet mistletoe was taken from one of my favourite books – 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield, but if you don’t want to crochet then I’m sure that felt leaves would look just as nice.
The free template for the robins, plus a few instructions are available to download at Bustle & Sew – I don’t think lots of details are really necessary as it’s a very straightforward project.  And if you don’t want to make your own, then I’ve listed the cushion cover I made in my Etsy shop as I don’t think I’ve room for yet another cushion on my sofa!!
Off to walk Ben now – the woods are quite magical at present, glittering with frost.  Townie husband is away on business – he called this morning to complain about the heat where he is – needless to say no sympathy was forthcoming!!


How lovely! Very sweet owls. I can trul appreciate being pulled in many directions by old projects calling that need to be finished and starting new ones anyway. It is your creative genius!

Linda Gilbert

I think that cushion cover is rea;;y cheerful– I love Robins
Kindest Regards Linda


Both cushion are very sweet, I may need to try and make one love the recycled bits the robin cushion!


The robins and the owls are so cute. I'm going to have to make an owl something for my sister for her Christmas. I'm new at sewing so I won't go for a whole cushion… yet but may just use one and create something smaller. I also will have to create a robin as we have a little robin who visits us regularly. I just love and admire your creations and creativity. I am so desperate to get working through the to do list I create every time I visit your blog;-D
I hope you don't mind but I've written about your blog as part of my Featured on Friday series as tomorrow's entry. I'd also like to give you the Sew Wonderful Blog Award in recognition of the fact that your blog is such a creative and inspiring place to visit. I couldn't find an email address so perhaps you could email me for the award? [email protected] I've used some pics off your sites but have put a copyright on them to Bustle and Sew. I hoped that by using pictures more people would be inspired to visit your blog, sites and shop. Hope that's ok.


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